Friday, June 04, 2010


World Cup Quiz, Part 10

One week away! One week! The pulses of football tragics the world over are starting to quicken. Answers to the last quiz can be found here.

Last but not least:

The Goals

1. Which World Cup final featured two opening goals that were almost perfect mirror-images of each other?

2. How many Belgian players did Saudi Arabia's Saeed Al-Owairan dribble past on his way to scoring his famous goal at the 1994 tournament?

3. How many passes were completed before Argentina scored their memorable team goal against Serbia-Montenegro in 2006?

4. There have been plenty of own goals at the World Cup, but one was particularly unusual. A defender slammed the ball straight into a team-mate, after which the ball fizzed into the goal. It occurred in 1966; who were the two teams?

5. Which West German player, on the way to the 1974 world title, scored a goal in which the ball rebounded off both goalposts before going in?

6. "Toto" Schillaci topped the goalscoring charts in 1990 with six goals at the tournament, but it should have been seven. Why?

7. At the 1998 World Cup, a player scored a goal (a very good one too) literally only a few seconds after coming on as a substitute. Which player, in which game?

8. One of the most narrow-angled goals in World Cup history was scored in the 1962 final. Who was the scorer?

9. The Brazilian team of 1978 once scored after hitting the woodwork twice in the seconds preceding the goal. Who were their opponents?

10. Who scored the first-ever penalty goal at the World Cup?

Argh !!! Brain Explosion imminent.

2. Without watching it again, 4.
3. 23 or 26.
5. It won't be Gerd Muller. He wouldn't hit a post from within 6 yards.
6. I think he had one wrongly flagged for offside in one game. He also unselfishly squared for Baggio in the 3rd place game vs England.
1. 1974... both penalties with attacker running into the box only to be tripped.
2. Without watching I would have said 5. And now that I haev watched it I woudl still say 5.
3. 19
9. Poland

Savvas Tzionis
1. France '98?
2. 3
3. 26
4. Bulgaria
5. I really should know this but don't
6. Um, ditto..... He was fouled by Shilton in the lead-up to Baggio's goal against England and a penalty should have been called. But then IIRC he only took the penalty for the second goal because Baggio let him. I don't know.
7. Ebbe Sand, Denmark vs. Nigeria in the round of 16
8. Amarildo

1. Well, I meant France 98 (two Zidane headers from corners on either side), but of course Germany 74 makes sense as to Savvas on that one!

2. Five.

3. 24.

4. Bulgaria and Hungary (it was a Bulgarian who scored the own goal).

5. Rainer Bonhof (against Sweden).

6. In the match against Austria he had a shot that rebounded off the bar and behind the line...but it was ruled no goal.

7. Ebbe Sand (Denmark v. Nigeria).

8. Amarildo of Brazil.

9. Poland.

10. M. Rosas of Mexico in 1930.
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