Saturday, November 06, 2010


Another Farewell

I've made my share of farewells on this blog over the years, but this is likely to be the last one.

Sadly, family commitments and time constraints have made it difficult for me to contribute to TFT frequently enough, and I think the time has come to bow out. My love for the game remains undiminished, but this season it's been difficult to keep up with the A-League (which I've always considered the bread and butter of this blog), and I seem to be repeating myself more and more in the opinion department. Not that this stops certain pundits on the World Game website, but...

So, again: thanks all for the interest, and I'm sure that we'll catch up at a game some time. I'll still be around, grumbling and pontificating, probably still writing match reports for Goal! Weekly, and contributing to the always enjoyable Half-Time Heroes e-zine.

Roll on December 2, and may the ExCo be with us!

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