Saturday, November 06, 2010


Another Farewell

I've made my share of farewells on this blog over the years, but this is likely to be the last one.

Sadly, family commitments and time constraints have made it difficult for me to contribute to TFT frequently enough, and I think the time has come to bow out. My love for the game remains undiminished, but this season it's been difficult to keep up with the A-League (which I've always considered the bread and butter of this blog), and I seem to be repeating myself more and more in the opinion department. Not that this stops certain pundits on the World Game website, but...

So, again: thanks all for the interest, and I'm sure that we'll catch up at a game some time. I'll still be around, grumbling and pontificating, probably still writing match reports for Goal! Weekly, and contributing to the always enjoyable Half-Time Heroes e-zine.

Roll on December 2, and may the ExCo be with us!

I've noticed you've been a bit quiet lately mikey, both here and elsewhere.

These time constraints have a habit of happening, but it's been a great blog and I hope to catch your comments elsewhere and your company on a few sidelines.

The perils of the working parent :)

I expect, at some point, the return of the blog that combines the themes of football and parenting.

I hope the you and your family are all well and thanks for the excellent reads that you have posted here.

All the best !
Best Wishes Mike
This is a shame. I thought you were the best Australian Football blogger on the net. I always looked forward in reading your insight on the game.

I hope you enjoy real life and good luck with your future.

At least I still get to look forward to your contribution to Half-Time Heroes
Please dont leave! I dont mind if you only update every few weeks or months. I always unwind with your blog.
I probably haven't commented nearly enough but I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog over the years. Thank you.
Sad to hear Mike, I hope you find time to get back to the blog sometime In the future! Wherever I am in the world I'm always happy When I load up my blog reader to see a new post on tft. Even when you're only posting once a week I get as much info on sydney and oz football from your blog as all the forums and other info I flick through. I guess ill need to find a new source to follow the wc bidding!

Thanks again, enjoy the extra time on your hands!
What a shame. This really was the only aussie focused blog that didn't read like an angry teenagers diary.

Good luck and thanks for all the awesome posts!
Thanks all for your comments and good wishes!

Frank has put his finger on it (good to catch up yesterday mate!) with the working parent comment. No more carefree ducking up to the pub to watch an A-League game, and less time for a leisurely chew over the day's football events after work. One contribution a month in Half-Time Heroes will probably suit me fine from now on.

I honestly don't know how Tony Tannous manages it - he's got two kids!
Good to share of farewells on this blog over the years, and also the post is just great and amazing.


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All the best Mikey!
Good luck Mikey.

I'll be sad to see my favourite football blog gone.
Farewell from a long time reader. Hope life treats you well!
All the best Mike! I hope to catch again soon at a Sydney game - it's been a while!
Come on Mikey, give us your Frank insight into the world cup Kangaroo pitch it was one Elle of a show...........
I too am waiting with bated breath...
Another Farewell <--
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that's sad. I just came across one of your article "Holger and Harry" and saw how impressive your whole football blog was. hope you circumstances are kind in the future and you may find ample time to blog again!
Please dont leave! I dont mind if you only update every few weeks or months. I always unwind with your blog.
Please dont leave! I dont mind if you only update every few weeks or months. I always unwind with your blog.
Please dont leave! I dont mind if you only update every few weeks or months. I always unwind with your blog.
You are right!The familly is more important.
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