Friday, May 28, 2010


World Cup Quiz, Part 9

It's only two weeks away...anyone getting excited?

No-one seemed to get all that excited about the last quiz, but the answers are appended here for the record. Perhaps this one might be more to the taste of fellow World Cup hounds out there...

The Quotes

For each quote, name the speaker and the World Cup occasion.

1. "Right, who's going to be the first to score against these bastards?"

2. "We don't swap shirts with animals!"

3. "Without Maradona, Argentina would have no chance of winning the World Cup. That's how great he is."

4. "Other nations have their history. Uruguay has its football."

5. "I can't believe I'm in the quarter-final of the World Cup. I've never even been in the quarter-final of the League Cup before!"

6. "I care a great deal about Roberto Baggio."

7. "We have been eliminated brutally. I would say, scientifically."

8. "Don't show them any mercy. This is the World Cup!"

9. "We'll equalise before the other team has scored."

10. "You're not even Irish, you English c--t!"

2. Alf Ramsay - 1966 - after playing Argentina.
6. Arrigo Sacchi - 1994 - After subbing him against the Irish ?
10. Roy Keane to Mick McCarthy before the 2002 WC had started.
1. Argh I should know this. I heard about it just a couple of weeks ago.
2. Alf Ramsey, referring to Argentina after the 1966 WC QF.
3. Bobby Robson possibly, 1986 WC
4. Not sure...been said by plenty.
5. One of the Irish players at the 1990 WC...Don't know who. Mick McCarthy [/guess]
6. Arrigo Sacchi, 1994 WC after he was substituted for Marchegiani against Norway. Although I can imagine Vicini, Maldini and Trappattoni saying that too.
7. Don't know.
8. Don't know.
9. Jack Charlton, 1990 WC?
10. Roy Keane to Mick McCarthy, 2002 WC.
Answers, please...

1. Pele, after Uruguay went 1-0 up in the 1970 semi-final.

2. Alf Ramsey, after England's infamous 1-0 win over Argentina in the 1966 quarter-final.

3. Bobby Robson, prior to the quarter-final between the same two sides in 1986.

4. Uruguay manager Ondino Viera, prior to the 1966 quarter-final with West Germany.

5. Trevor Sinclair, before the England-Brazil QF of 2002.

6. Arrigo Sacchi, after substituting Baggio against Norway in 1994.

7. France manager Michel Hidalgo after the tempestuous semi-final loss to West Germany in 1982.

8. Hungary manager Kalman Meszoly at half-time during their 10-1 win over El Salvador in 1982.

9. Danny Blanchflower of Northern Ireland, prior to the 1958 World Cup.

10. Roy Keane to Ireland manager Mick McCarthy before walking out on the team in 2002.
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