Friday, May 21, 2010


World Cup Quiz, Part 8

Almost there...three weeks to go! In the meantime, another dip into the well of football obscurity below. Answers to the previous quiz, for all those breathlessly awaiting them, can be found here.

The Referees

1. Who was the first referee from outside Europe and South America to oversee a World Cup final?

2. Twice in World Cup history, two successive World Cup finals have been entrusted to referees from the same country. Which were the two countries, in which World Cups?

3. A referee once famously dismissed a player with whom he did not have a common language "for the look in his eye". Who was the referee and the player?

4. Linesmen tend not to attract the headlines that referees do, but the linesman who allowed Geoff Hurst's controversial second goal in the 1966 World Cup final was an exception. What was his name, and where was he from?

5. The infamous Byron Moreno of Ecuador was lambasted for his refereeing in the South Korea v. Italy game at the 2002 tournament, but the referee in the Koreans' next game against Spain, Gamal Ghandour of Egypt, also attracted criticism for something he did (not a decision as such) during the game. What was it?

6. Who was the first Australian to officiate at the World Cup?

7. Two of the referees on the panel for the 2010 World Cup will be taking part in their third successive World Cup. Who are they?

8. Which World Cup final referees had the following real-life professions: (a) butcher, (b) customs official, (c) bank manager?

9. Australia, oddly enough, has been involved in the two recorded games in which World Cup referees have forgotten to send off players who have collected two yellow cards. The second referee to do this was, of course, Graham Poll in 2006; who was the first, and in which game?

10. In 2002, a referee who took charge of the European Cup (Champions League) final officiated in a World Cup semi-final, and another referee got a European Cup semi but the World Cup final. Who were the two refs?

Whose your mother ?
Whose your father ?
Won't you tell us, referee ?
Haven't got one.
Never had one.
You're a bastard, referee.

1. Edgardo Codesal of Mexico in 1990.

2. England (1950 and 1954), and Brazil (1982 and 1986).

3. Rudolf Kreitlein of West Germany, when he dismissed Argentina captain Antonio Rattin against England in 1966.

4. Tofik Bakhramov - from the USSR.

5. Going to the sideline and appearing to share a joke with (South Korea coach) Guus Hiddink.

6. Tony Boskovic, in 1974.

7. Oscar Ruiz of Colombia, and Carlos Eugenio Simon of Brazil.

8. (a) Jack Taylor (1974), (b) Said Belqola (1998), (c) Sergio Gonella (1978).

9. Jafar Namdar of Iran, in the Australia v. Chile game in 1974 (he sent off Ray Richards).

10. Pierluigi Collina and Urs Meier.
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