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World Cup Quiz, Part 3

Third instalment of the KNVB-approved World Cup quiz below. Answers to the second exciting episode can be found in the comments to this post.

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The Goalkeepers

1. Two players have appeared at five World Cups, and one of them is a goalkeeper. Who is he, and which country did he represent?

2. Which of the following distinguished goalkeepers never appeared at a World Cup: Pat Jennings, Ricardo Zamora, Peter Bonetti, Neville Southall, Lev Yashin?

3. Which World Cup-winning goalkeeper subsequently ran an auto repair business named "Liar Motors"?

4. A goalkeeper who appeared in four World Cups is probably best known for an embarrassing moment at the 1970 tournament in which Pele memorably wrong-footed him by moving away from a through-ball. Who was he?

5. Another highly embarrassing goalkeeping gaffe occurred at the 1990 tournament, when a goalkeeper attempted to dribble past a striker near the half-way line, and failed spectacularly, thereby leaving the forward with an empty net. Who was the goalkeeper (and the striker)?

6. A goalkeeper at the 1998 World Cup appeared in probably the most colourful outfit ever seen at the tournament. Who was he?

7. Who was the first goalkeeper to make a save in a penalty shoot-out at the World Cup?

8. In 1982, a goalkeeper committed perhaps the worst foul in World Cup history, one which necessitated a lengthy stay in hospital for the sufferer. Who was the goalkeeper and the man fouled?

9. Which World Cup-winning goalkeeper wore the number 5 on his back throughout the tournament? (Supplementary question: why?)

10. Two goalkeepers kept four successive clean sheets at the 2006 World Cup. Who were they?

1. Don't know, I think he's Mexican.

2. Neville Southall. Came within one goal of making USA '94.

3. Gordon Banks? (guess)

4. Don't know. Uruguay's 'keeper I think.

5. Rene Higuita (and Roger Milla)

6. Jorge Campos

7. Harald Schumacher or France's '82 'keeper. I'll go with the former.

8. Harald Schumacher and Patrick Battiston.

9. Ubaldo Fillol? Argentina's alphabetical squad numbering.

10. Gianluigi Buffon and Pascal Zuberhuler (sp) I think.
1. It's the Spanish keeper before Zubizarreta. I can't remember his name.
2. I'll go for Bonetti.
3. ?
4. I know the moment but can't name the keeper.
5. Rene Higuita (Striker: Roger Milla)
6. Jorge Campos
7. Good question.
8. Harold Schumacher (fouled: Patrick Battiston). Absolute disgrace. Remember it like yesterday.
9. ?
10. Buffon and ?
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Time for the answers...

1. Antonio Carbajal - every World Cup from 1950 to 1966.

2. Neville Southall.

3. Felix of Brazil, who won the WC in 1970.

4. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz of Uruguay.

5. The goalkeeper was the eccentric Rene Higuita of Colombia, the striker Roger Milla of Cameroon.

6. Jorge Campos of Mexico.

7. Jean-Luc Ettori of France, from Uli Stielike in the 1982 semi-final.

8. Harald "Toni" Schumacher, who slammed his elbow into the face of Patrick Battiston.

9. Ubaldo Fillol of Argentina in 1978. The team was using an alphabetical numbering system.

10. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) and Pascal Zuberbuhler (Switzerland).
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