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World Cup Quiz, Part 2

Time for the second instalment of the TFT World Cup Quiz - answers to the first batch of questions can be found in the comments to this post.

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The Strikers

1. In the eyes of many, the select club for World Cup strikers contains those who have reached double figures at the tournament. Who was the first to reach ten?

2. Which other member of the double-figure club also boasts the rare distinction of never being sent off in his entire career?

3. Another member of the club, Miroslav Klose, scored five goals at his first World Cup in 2002. What did all five goals have in common?

4. There are a few players who have played in World Cups 16 years apart, but most are either goalkeepers or defenders. Who is a striker to have done so?

5. Which World Cup strikers, all of whom have scored hat-tricks at the tournament, had the following nicknames: (a) Der Bomber, (b) El Buitre, (c) O Pantera Negra?

6. The World Cup Golden Boot award is rarely shared. Who were the last two strikers to do so, and which countries did they represent?

7. One particular forward at the 1974 World Cup, who scored one of the most spectacular goals of that tournament, had a particularly apt name for a striker. Who am I referring to?

8. Gerd Muller held the record for World Cup goals for 32 years until Ronaldo broke it in 2006. How many of Muller's 14 World Cup goals were scored from outside the penalty area?

9. Which of the following great strikers never played at a World Cup: Matthias Sindelar, Alfredo di Stefano, Jimmy Greaves, Denis Law, Angel Labruna?

10. A striker who appeared at the 1998 World Cup was the second-top scorer in his confederation in the qualifiers for the 2010 tournament, and is a certain starter in South Africa, if fit. Who is he?

Ok-Ill bite- this is all google free
1. I was gloing to say Ronaldo but ill guess Gerd Muller.
2. Lineker
3. they were all headers. Jammy b'stard.
4. Is it Maradonna?
5. Gerd Muller is Derr Bonmber, Not sure about the brute, is the black Panther eusebio?
6. man, i known this- were they from Germany and Brazil?
7. you got me
8. I am guessing none
9. Not sure of the others, but pretty sure Law and Greaves never played at a WC
10. Im drawing a blank, much like Grafite in the Eurpoa League today-;)

thanks for a nice ten minutes away from work!
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1. Just Fontaine
2. Gary Lineker
3. All headers
4. Maradona didn't get selected for 78, so it can't be him. Roger Milla ?
5. a) Gerd Muller b) Emilio Butragueno c) The black panther ?? No idea
6. ?
7. ?
8. None. Tap in merchant.
9. Alfredo di Stefano
10. Dunno. Would probably bet on an African
1. Just Fontaine?

2. Gary Lineker

3. All headers

4. Hugo Sanchez 1978-1994

5. (a) Gerd Muller, (b) Emilio Butragueno, (c) Eusebio

6. Geez... Vava - Brazil and Jerkovic (?) - Yugoslavia in '62? Really rough guess.

7. Don't know

8. None?

9. Greaves played in '62 and '66, Law in '74... di Stefano made '62 I think... I'm thinking either Sindelar or Labruna and will go for the latter.

10. Samuel Eto'o is the only one I can think of.
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Great quiz. I'm getting very excited for the World Cup!
The answers:

1. Sandor Kocsis (Hungary). Reached the mark in 1954.

2. There may be two answers to this. The obvious (and intended) answer is Gary Lineker, but Teofilo Cubillas (Peru) once claimed in an interview that he'd never been sent off in his career...not sure whether this is true or not.

3. All were headers. Not so in 2006 though!

4. Hugo Sanchez (1978 and 1994).

5. (a) is Gerd Muller, (b) Emilio Butragueno, (c) Eusebio.

6. Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) and Oleg Salenko (Russia) in 1994.

7. Who else but Joachim Streich (pronounced "strike") of East Germany? The spectacular goal, incidentally, was scored against Australia.

8. None!

9. Alfredo di Stefano. Angel Labruna and Denis Law both appeared very late in their respective careers.

10. Samuel Eto'o.
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