Monday, October 25, 2010


How the West Won't Be Won - yet another update

And so it looks as if the final chapter is about to be written in the farcical Sydney Rovers saga.

The very first thing that the FFA should do is go hat in hand to the representatives of the Canberra bid, with a genuine assurance that future expansion bids will be assessed on their merits. This old article, from Half-Time Hero-in-chief Con Stamocostas, shows just how much was already in place in the nation's capital over two years ago; that all this groundwork was ignored in favour of a bid based on nothing more than blind faith is symptomatic of the FFA's style of management in the last few years.

Where to, then, for the expansion plans? The likelihood is probably that 2011/12 A-League will feature eleven teams once again, and one hopes that this time the FFA will give the competition the publicity that it deserves. Some of the football has been excellent this term, especially in Adelaide and Brisbane; the attendances have not.

In a way, given the dismal attendances at Sydney FC matches, things may have turned out for the best in more than one way. Considering that the NSW Premier League (with its western Sydney centre of gravity) will now clash with the A-League in any event, the Rovers crowds would probably have been pitiful. And had the matches been held at the cavernous ANZ Stadium, as was mooted at one point, the match atmosphere would have made Skilled Park look like a throbbing hive of excitement.

Since the A-League is quickly becoming as relevant as the NBL, it is probably a good thing this is not going ahead. The FFA should look at spending some money on consolidating the fan base.

For a "West Sydney" team, at the very least I think they should wait until the stadium is built in Blacktown and put the team in there.
"feature eleven teams"
It would be nice to think so Mike. The way FFA is treating Fury, the way Miron is talking and fading away at GC, the way the Courier Mail is giving Roar passive aggression... one Qld team next year?

And if FFA run out of money?
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