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World Cup Quiz, Part 6

Those who have been fretting all week over the answers to Part 5 can find them in the comments here. I am pleased to announce that Craig Foster has personally examined the latest instalment of the quiz, to be found below, and pronounced it technically and tactically sound.


The Groups

1. When was a group system (as opposed to a straight knockout) first used at the World Cup?

2. A team once topped its opening round World Cup group scoring a total of one goal in its opening three games. Which team, at which tournament?

3. A World Cup group once ended with all four teams level on points and level on goal difference. Which group, at which World Cup?

4. Another World Cup group featured six games in which no team scored more than one goal in a single game. Again, which group at which tournament?

5. Which World Cup featured an actual group that had only two teams in it?

6. Only once ever has there been a World Cup group in which all teams were either past or future winners of the tournament. When?

7. FIFA adopted a second group stage for the tournament in 1974, but the experiment was relatively short-lived. When did the World Cup return to having a single first-round group followed by knockouts?

8. What made the group stage unique at the 1954 World Cup?

9. How many times has the host nation failed to qualify from the group stage at a World Cup?

10. A group at the 1998 World Cup featured no fewer than three teams making their debut at the tournament. Who were the three, and which was the other team?


7. 1986. 82 had first round groups then 2nd round groups (with a group containing Italy, Argentina and Brazil.. tough gig).

9. None. That may change this year.

10. My memory is going to blow a fuse. It was the group with Croatia and Jamaica in it. Can't remember the other debutant. I think the other team was Argentina.
Does it have proper pedagogy and methodology?
...Does it have proper pedagogy and methodology?...

But of course.

It even has a coherent philosophy. ;-)
1. 1930
2. Poland, Spain 1982
3. Group E, USA 1994
4. Group F, Italy 1990
5. Brazil 1950
6. 1982
7. 1986
8. Teams only played two of the three other teams in their group
9. Zero
10. Japan, Jamaica and Croatia were making their debut. Argentina was the other team.

1. In the very first World Cup, in 1930. A trick question.

2. Italy in 1970.

3. Group E (involving Italy, Mexico, Ireland and Norway) in 1994.

4. Group F (England, Holland, Ireland, Egypt) in 1990.

5. 1950. Due to withdrawals, Uruguay and Bolivia were in a group all to themselves.

6. Another trick question - the second-round group in 1982 featuring Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

7. 1986.

8. The "top" two teams in each group only played the "bottom" two, rather than playing each other. Hence, only four games in the group.

9. Never.

10. Croatia, Jamaica and Japan. The other team was Argentina.
9. Once. 2010. ;-)
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