Friday, April 30, 2010


World Cup Quiz, Part 5

The answers for the fourth instalment have been revealed here, so it's time for another journey into football nerd territory.

The Substitutes

1. Who was the first player to appear as a substitute in a World Cup?

2. And who was the most recent?

3. Once, in a World Cup final, a substitute was himself later substituted. Who was the player and what was the year?

4. After coming on as a substitute in the 1990 World Cup final, Argentina's Pedro Monzon made history. How?

5. In three successive World Cup finals, three substitutes got on the scoresheet. Who were they?

6. A second-half substitute once scored a hat-trick at the World Cup. Who was he?

7. The dismissal of Gianfranco Zola only twelve minutes after he came on at the 1994 World Cup caused general indignation, but the next World Cup featured an even quicker dismissal for a substitute. Who was he?

8. "But that's mad!" - the cry of the player who went off in one of the most infamous substitutions in World Cup history. Who was the player, who replaced him, and why?

9. In the substitute "era", only two sides have won a World Cup final without making any substitutions. Who?

10. Of Roger Milla's four goals at Italy 1990, how many did he score as a substitute?

Where the hell do you get these questions ??? You are doing my head in. I know 2 for sure off the top of my head (the 3rd, I think I know), the rest I would have to guess:

3. Close to my heart: 1982. Alessandro Altobelli came on around the 10th minute for Ciccio Graziani. He got subbed late on for Franco Causio. Remember it like yesterday. He also scored (along with Rossi and Tardelli).

4. He got sent off.

8. Baggio against the Irish in 1994 to make way for Marcheggiani after Pagliuca got sent off. Italy were behind.
5. 78 Nanninga
82 Altobelli
86 Voeller

6. Hungarian player in 1982 against El Salvador. Name escapes me

Savvas Tzionis
1. No idea
2. David Trezeguet
3. Alessandro Altobelli, 1982
4. Sent off
5. Nanninga in '78, Altobelli in '82, Voeller in '86
6. No idea
7. Patrick Kluivert (bit of a guess)
8. Roberto Baggio and Luca Marcheggiani. Goalkeeper Gianluca Pagluica got sent off.
9. (guess) Brazil 1970 and West Germany 1990. Definitely no team since 1994.
10. All four
Les reponses:

1. Anatoly Puzach of the USSR, at the 1970 tournament.

2. Sylvain Wiltord, in the 2006 final.

3. Alessandro Altobelli, in 1982. He also scored the Italians' third goal.

4. He became the first player to be sent off in a World Cup final.

5. 1978 (Dirk Nanninga), 1982 (Alessandro Altobelli), 1986 (Rudi Voller).

6. Laszlo Kiss of Hungary, against El Salvador in 1982.

7. Lauren Etame-Meyer of Cameroon, who was sent off against Chile after only six minutes.

8. Roberto Baggio. He was substituted because the Italian goalie (Gainluca Pagliuca) had been sent off for handling outside the box. Luca Marchegiani, the substitute goalie, came on to replace him.

9. Brazil in 1970 and West Germany in 1974.

10. All four!
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