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World Cup Quiz, Part 1

It's now 70 days until the World Cup begins in South Africa...and time to resume a TFT tradition. A tradition, in fact, that began well before yours truly began calling himself the Football Tragic.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm something of a World Cup nut; not surprising, really, since it was largely the France 1998 tournament that turned me from a football fan into a football anorak. Before the last two World Cup tournaments in 2002 and 2006, I've conducted a World Cup quiz on some of my usual forum haunts, but this time TFT seems the proper place.

First prize in this series of ten quizzes, one per week on a separate World Cup theme, will be advance tickets to the new film about a future Australian technical director, Dr. Strijnloeuw, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the 4-3-3.

First up:

The Coaches

1. A coach once took a club side to the European Cup final and a country to the World Cup final in the same year. Who was he, and who were the two teams?

2. How many times has the World Cup been won by a team coached by a foreigner?

3. Famously, in 1970, Mario Zagallo won the World Cup presiding over a team including his former World Cup team-mate, Pele. In 2002, another coach had the charge of a player whom he'd previously played beside at World Cup level. Who was the coach, the player, and the country?

4. The first two African teams to appear at postwar World Cups were coached by the same man. Who?

5. Bora Milutinovic has coached five different nations at the tournament. With which country did he get the furthest in the World Cup, and when?

6. Which coach at the 2006 tournament quit his job prior to the very first game (only to subsequently relent)?

7. One player each from the 1962 and 1966 World Cup-winning teams ended up taking a different country to the World Cup as coach. Who were the two and which countries did they manage?

8. Two Argentina coaches at successive World Cups were nicknamed respectively El Polaco and El Flaco. Who were they?

9. The following are anagrams of which World Cup-winning coaches: (a) Radical or Slob, (b) Nice Oval Feet?

10. At the 1998 World Cup one of the coaches was officially sacked by his federation after the first two matches. Who was he?

1. Ernst Happel, Bruges and the Netherlands 1978? Not sure about the club team.

2. 0?

3. Rudi Voeller, Oliver Kahn, Germany?

4. Don't know without cheating

5. Mexico 1986

6. Otto Pfister

7. Jack Charlton - Republic of Ireland is one...trying to remember if Zagallo or anyone from that squad coaching anyone else at the WC...can't without cheating.

8. I have a feeling El Flaco is Menotti, but I can't remember the 1974 coach so I'll just go with Menotti and Bilardo respectively.

9. (a) Ah Carlos Bilardo (b) Vicente Feola

10. Carlos Alberto Parreira?
I'm not even going to try, but will enjoy following the exercise. Cheers.
2. Could be a tricky one. Helmet Schon was technically an East German when managing West Germany in 1974 ? Other than that, without looking it up, it would probably be one of managers of the two Uruguayan winning teams.
Hi Mike! Your's is the first blog to do a 10-question quiz that I've seen - apart from my own! Great work! Have a look at mine -
Would be nice to hear from you! Kind regards, Charlie
Hi Charlie,

Good stuff, thanks for linking me to yours! I'm sure we'll cross paths again in the next few weeks...
btw... an early tip for WC final... Argentina v Ivory Coast (if they get out of their tough group of Brazil and Portugal).

I hope so anyway and if South Korea can make semi's in Asia why can't the better African's make it to final in Africa?

Savvas Tzionis
Thanks for the interest folks. New quiz coming tomorrow.

The answers:

1. Ernst Happel - Bruges and the Netherlands, in 1978. Both sides lost (to Liverpool and Argentina respectively).

2. None!

3. The coach was Alexandre Guimaraes, the player Hernan Medford, and the country Costa Rica.

4. Blagoje Vidinic, former Yugoslav international goalkeeper.

5. Mexico in 1986 - the quarter-finals.

6. Otto Pfister (coaching Togo).

7. Didi (Peru), and Jack Charlton (Rep. Ireland).

8. El Polaco was Ladislao Cap in 1974, and El Flaco was Cesar Luis Menotti in 1978.

9. (a) Carlos Bilardo, (b) Vicente Feola.

10. South Korea's Cha Bum-Kun, when his side shipped eight goals in the first two matches.
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