Monday, April 12, 2010


KNVB-all and End-all - another update

The glorious Dutch revolution continues apace, with an innovation which would have provoked widespread ridicule had it been introduced by an Australian.

At the current National Junior Championships:

Although teams will still gain points in the traditional manner for wins and draws, an FFA Technical Committee will also assess the technical performance of each team during the tournament and will award an extra five (5), three (3) or one (1) bonus point(s) based on the manner in which the teams played throughout the week and in relation to their adoption of the principles of the National Football Curriculum.

Football as synchronised swimming or figure skating. How delightfully progressive. Never mind the five goals you shipped, the 4-3-3 shape was impeccable throughout, and the coach manfully resisted all temptation to change things tactically as required.

Yes, football at junior level is about development as much as results. But combining the two in such a cack-handed manner can only produce confusion in the minds of both the coaches and the kids.

And an obvious question needs to be asked: who is doing the judging? One would imagine it is the aesthetically refined "FFA Technical Committee" referred to at the end of the article:

Qantas Australian Under 13 Boys Football Team Head Coach Ante Juric will join the FFA Technical Committee for the 2010 FFA National Junior Championships for Boys alongside Han Berger (FFA National Technical Director), Gary van Egmond (AIS Senior Assistant Coach) , Arthur Pappas (AIS Scholarship Coach), Ron Corry (AIS Goalkeeper Coach), Mike Milovanovic (ACT Academy of Sport Head Coach) and Paul Bentvelzen (Football NSW High Performance Manager).

Note that last name. Scroll down a little, and we find:

Under 13 Boys - Group A - Squads

NSW Metropolitan 1:
Coach: Paul Bentvelzen

Oh dear. Can anyone spot what's wrong with this picture?

Surely you do not expect Football NSW to do anything that would not be considered morally correct......
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fuck me mikey, tell me you're joking re.
Sorry hilly, re what?
The coach of NSW Metro 1 was Oscar Gonzalez, not Paul Bentvelzen. Mistake on the FFA report.

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