Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yet Another Tragic Christmas

The Yuletide is here again, and it's time to dole out some presents to deserving recipients.

To Aurelio Vidmar: a striker.

To Frank Lowy: a few more suitable stadia.

To Lawrie McKinna: a point (three would be even better, but you can't have everything...).

To Thierry Henry: a Dr. Strangelove-style restraint for the left hand.

To Nick Carle: a club actually interested in playing him as a No.10.

To Wellington football fans: an enforcer to deal with certain AFC bureaucrats.

Of course, yours truly received his Xmas present a little early this year. Here he is with the gift still partially wrapped:

Merry Christmas to all from TFT.

Merry Christmas Michael!
Cheers hilly, and to you too!

Hope to catch up with you at the SFS and/or Belmore soon, once domestic duties have calmed down a bit...
As you said, you got yours early this year !

A Merry Christmas to the 3 of you :)
To the Brisbane Roar: a new management.

To Gold Coast United: some fans.

Have a great New Year Mike.
Happy New Year Mike
It is so obvious that Brisbane need new owners.
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