Friday, November 13, 2009


Not-So-Tragic Arrival

Lucinda Sue Salter, Lucy to her many friends, first stepped out onto the great football field of life at 6:56 this morning. Her daddy, otherwise known as the Football Tragic, was there to cut the cord and has been ministering to his wife for most of the day, in the midst of endless texts and calls from family and friends. Needless to say, blogging activity will be severely restricted in the coming weeks!


Congratulations Mikey. I hope your wife is doing well.

Congrats mate, congrats!!

All the best to you, wifey and the little 'un...
Hail the magician....well done Magic. So many congrats...Best to the giver.... Danno...Wilko...whatever....
See y'aaaaall over the box.
Dan Wilkinson..

My most sincere congratulations to you and you wife on the arrival of your daughter. I wish her a happy, health and long life. May she be blogging about qualification in 2110 !

Yes, we do expect a christening in the middle of a football pitch (preferably the SFS).

All the best,

Awesome news Mike! Congrats!
Well done Mike. Very well done. W-League?
Great news Mikey..but surely you can now blog in the middle of the night!

Congrats to you and all.

Anyone given you a ball yet for Lucy?


Congratulations Mike!
Wonderful, glorious news. There's nothing like new life in your life.

Blessings upon yourself, your new one, and Mum.

In the midst of getting my head around all sorts of good soccer news, you have made my day.
damn, I was looking forward to reading your analysis of the oman game.

Oh well
Well done and good luck with your child
Congratulations Mike. All the best to you and your family.
Congratulations Mikey!

All the best to you, your wife and your little daughter!

Omg, mikey, you do know how to add pics :-)

Further to the text, congrats to you and sarah, enjoy every sleepless moment and catch ya soon.
Congrats Mike...maybe wait till first birthday for her first ball, her dribbling skills are the wrong sort at the moment.
I found this blog after i setup my own, called (Dah-dah) football tragic- sorry if infringing
I changed the title to football tragic nz to differentiate
Hope to talk more about football, blogs and life soon-
Dave Cross Aka Hard news sez hi!
OOps meant to paste link sorry:
Fantastic news, congrats mate :)
Completely unrelated to football, this is on its way to becoming the most commented post on the blog. 8-)

Hope you're having a great if exhausting time Mikey!
Congratulations Mikey!

I got a call from my brother this morning, he and his wife had a baby girl a few hours before yours, so now I'm an uncle! They had the birth booked in for Friday, but nature pre-empted them by two days.

Best wishes to you and your family!
Many thanks to all for your kind words and good wishes. Lucy is beautiful and currently (touch wood) not too grizzly!

Eamonn: a ball is going to be one of her first toys. :-)

Irieeye: no problem at all mate, if you check the second-ever post on this blog you'll see that my moniker was sort of "stolen" anyway!

Mags: congrats to your brother and his missus. Enjoy unclehood!
Hey Mikey

It's been a while since I checked your blog and only just read the news. Massive congrats mate - let the sleepless nights begin!!!

Congratulations Mikey.

May she be with you at the Socceroos opening game at the Olympic Stadium in 2018.


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