Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mr. Ten Per Cent Right - update

Our old friend has never been averse to a bit of character assassination (all in the name of raising the standards of Australian football, of course). But this is quite inexcusable, even by his standards.

Once again: Branko Culina's comments about Vitezslav Lavicka were rude and ill-founded, but at least he had the grace to subsequently apologise.

Foster, by contrast, in a far less impassioned environment than a post-match presser, has chosen to systematically belittle a coach whom he and his colleagues lauded to the skies when it suited their agenda to do so.

(A small aside about that piece, incidentally. During that Urawa game, Foster - who was sitting a few rows in front of me that evening, in the company of Francis Awaritefe - appeared to be spending most of his time watching the magnificent choreography of the Urawa fans, rather than the game.)

True to form, Foster makes one good point in the midst of that deeply offensive diatribe; namely, that the appointment of Pierre Littbarski (and his successor in the Sydney FC dugout, for that matter) did not provide a fair reflection of the quality of foreign coaches, given that Littbarski had pedigree as a player rather than as a manager.

But that's pretty meagre consolation for the shameless denigration of Culina et al. elsewhere in that little quasi-interview.

I generally ignore Foster's articles/interviews, but only watched this one because of your comments.

I'm seriously no fan of Branko, but wow. While I agree with some of the comments made about Branko, his inability to justify them with a properly constructed argument is astounding. Everything Foster says is based on assertion that is not necessarily a proven one.

Foster is, and always has been, a piece of agenda driven cancer that needs to be excised from football commentary. The unfortunate thing is that he remains an easily accessible entry point for those that do not have enough knowledge to formulate their own opinion.
yeah that's pretty disgraceful stuff from Fozzy

At no point during Culina time at SBS was he ever gave me the impression that he is anti-foreign coaches like what Fozzy inferred.

Branko is essentially just saying the same thing what Foster was saying during the first two seasons of the A-league when we had poor foreign coaches.
I quite remember Foster saying that if we are going to get foreign coaches in the countries, then they better be at a level higher then what the local coaches have to offer (therefore we judge them at a higher standard). Otherwise we might as well use local coaches.

Foster and Murray were lamenting about the lack of local coaches in the a-league for the 1st two seasons.So this shift is rather amusing.

Now Lavicka may have a better track record and may well be a better coach then Culina but he hasn't proven it here in Australia yet.
Foster et al flip flop like no tomorrow on the foreign V local issue in football.

But what also astonishes me, is the sheer lack-of-class Foster shows in attacking a coach, whom I believed he (or at the very least, Les) is friends with.

It pains me to say this, considering how long SBS held the torch, but the football department at SBS needs a serious shake-up, in order to regain their credibility.

To be fair on Fozzy

I don't believe it's a complete back flip

I think his stance has always been, get foreign coaches unless they are british/lack coaching experience
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