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The FFA's expansion plans are looking ever more messy, and the quite justified grumbles from the nation's capital are becoming louder. It is quite clear by now that the bidding process was an elaborate charade.

Although the "boycott" mooted in the opening paragraph of this piece would be a petty and counter-productive reaction, Ben Buckley's comments about the turnout at the Central Coast v. Perth game are either disingenuous or naive:

''Having two clubs competing from regions other than Canberra [last Friday] is always going to be hard but I expected more. I think the game deserved more.''

Erm...this would be the same competition in which crowds of eight thousand or less have become a disturbingly common occurrence this season? To chide ACT fans for mustering a turnout of over five thousand for a "neutral" game on a freezing Canberra night, between two teams not noted for their entertainment value, is just nonsensical.

Eleven for next season, then? Byes are awkward, annoying things, but it seems that the FFA have resigned themselves to one. At least there will only be the one new franchise to keep a fatherly eye on. And an eleven-team competition would make a six-team finals series marginally less farcical.

oh well, our new leaders seem better than the last leaders ... but they don`t seem perfect.

if a deep pockets clive palmer type from west sydney was the only thing they would have considered in, they should have saved the other bids the time and just said it at the start.


Interesting that both Mariners and Perth came in the day before the game in Canberra, neither club promoted it in anyway and the local football body don't really do promotion.

Mariners did not visit one school or do any training or media events.

FFA similarly did not promote their game or comp.

Canberra got 20,000 to a Socceroos game that showed our potential. Ben could judge us by that but you'd only do that if you wanted us in.

And of course the FFA only, only even mentioned this game the day after Joe Meisner pulled the day before the Canberra game.

The FFA shafted Canberra fair enough.

But at the end of the day I believe you make you own luck and Canberra need to have an even stronger case to get over the line, this or next time.

A case which if the Western Sydney bids are gone, is so compelling that an FFA who don't want us would feel reassured we could do the job.

We could have got in by default if our case was stronger. After all even Townsville got in didn't they.

Bid leader says we're not out yet but think the FFA might have other thoughts:)
Well, apparently the FFA made its decision.
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