Saturday, August 08, 2009


Revenge of the Pissants

A couple of A-League club fanzines have flared briefly before dying over the last few years, but I hope that an engaging new publication from Adelaide United fans, Because of a Pissant Town, can build up a head of steam and flourish.

The title is, of course, a reference to Aurelio Vidmar's notorious comment towards the end of last season, and Bill of The Spawning Salmon has been the chief driving force behind the mag. It's well worth a read; don't miss the "Pissantvertiser" section on pages 15-18, in which some of the great and good of Australian football are subjected to some Private Eye-style teasing.

Mikey, I was dismayed to see we still have four man benches and I was wondering whether you knew anything about who decided on them and why and whether any thought's gone into it since.

It's something that's irked me since the start and continues to.

Irks me too, absolutely. I've heard it's just a measure to cut down on travelling costs for away teams (smaller complement of players), but it does make things damn difficult for the coaches if they want to be genuinely constructive with their substitutions.
I think it's one of those things that someone put in without much thought and there hasn't been enough pressure to revisit it. I have no idea why not as I think it's ridiculous, as I've written on my new blog (!

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The last two years I've waited expectantly for the first game and then dropped my face to my palm when I've seen the four man benches.
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