Sunday, July 26, 2009


We Could Be Heroes

It's been a quiet period in Australian and world football, apart from the usual pre-season friendlies, transfer speculation and early skirmishing in Europe. Hence the lack of posts this past week, and this one is just by way of a plug for a new e-fanzine coming out in August. The brains behind Half-Time Heroes is the indefatigable Eamonn Flanagan of the Nearpost football blog, and writing for the new publication will be, among others, Tony Tannous (the Round Ball Analyst), John of A Seat at the A-League, Bill of The Spawning Salmon, and many others, including your tragic correspondent. Stay tuned.

Good to see. Here in Melbourne it seems that Radio SEN Sports may ditch its live commentary of Melbourne Victory's matches (not everyone has Foxtel or easy access to a Foxtel pub) and reduce its football content in order to appease the AFL gods. Any alternative media about our sport is invaluable.
Humm I am not one of the brains. yet.
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