Thursday, June 04, 2009


The Lessons of Ljubo - another update

The running bitchfest between Ljubo Milicevic and his employers is going beyond amusing and becoming thoroughly embarrassing for Australian football. It needs to be mediated, quick smart.

It's hard not to read a touch of cynicism into Milicevic's championing of Kaz Patafta, who has been something of a poster boy for those who choose to drone on ad nauseam about "technical players being ignored" in Australia. In reality, Patafta has not yet shown that he really has the capacity to impose himself on a game, and it's easy to see why both Ernie Merrick and Gary van Egmond have found it a little difficult to fit him into their respective systems. But for Mr. "Keep it Real", it's another way of getting his name in the papers, and cementing his hero status in the eyes of certain deluded fans.

Not that Con Constantine has done himself any favours with the above-linked response, which is typically undignified and childish. He may or may not be right about the other players' attitude to Milicevic, but the chairman should be the very last person to air dressing-room dirty linen in the press.

And it's hard to feel any genuine sympathy for Constantine, given that Milicevic's reputation for rabble-rousing and judicious media-fuelled ego inflation was hardly a secret when he was signed.

LOL...just LOL
hehe, those crazy jets.

it is easy to laugh it off, as con is a very easy to dislike. but.

but. just because someone is dislikeable doesn`t make it right to be an arsehole to them.

be interesting to see how much leeway ljubo will get before con figures he just isn`t worth the trouble ...

by engaging him in the press, it seems con is showing that he hasn`t reached that point yet.

I used to think that Ljubo was cut from a different cloth from other footballers but I now think is a pillock.

He spreads negativity and dissent wherever he goes. He think he is God re-incarnated and he know the truth, everybody else is an idiot and people have it for him.

He may have have had psychological problems but you can't hide behind the label of 'depression' so he can be a d___head.

You are a player in a team game Ljubo. Either accept that or find another career.
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