Monday, April 27, 2009


Who's Afraid? - brief update #16

The ingenuity of the Murdoch football refusers is such that they can manufacture a story even when the story they were hoping for does not eventuate.

No riots? No ethnically-related trouble? Not even a bit of airborne chewing-gum, to whet the appetite of Josh Massoud? No worries. The mere fact that Football NSW quite sensibly (and successfully) chose to limit access to the Sydney United v. Bonnyrigg game is apparently good enough copy. Here we go...

Fans were...locked out by officials....

...a bid to prevent the ethnic-fuelled violence that has occurred between the rivals...

Worth mentioning that said bid was successful? Nah, of course not.

Question: why was this even worth printing, especially given that Tom Smithies had already covered the story in some malicious detail?

One thing that really irks me is the preponderance of non Football people we are forced to listen to on tv and radio.

Is there a bigger sport in Australia other than Football where there are so few 'Real Football' people broadcasting ?

Now, often you will listen to many of these same people talk about, say, Tennis but they have to a large extent, grown up with the sport, even if they are not specialists in it.

But when it comes to Football, do any of them know anything prior to 2006 (or English Football?).

Savvas Tzionis
Savvas, fully agree.

On mainstream Channel 7,9 and 10 is there ANYONE with knowledge beyond "Tim" Verbeek, and the star Kewell, Cahill, Neill Socceroos?

When the "next generation" of media come through, ie when the guys and gals from Fox News ..(who have to be across the A-League) then maybe they will at least bring a broader knowledge of Aussie football to the commercial FTA stations.

But how long do we have to wait?

As for prior 2006 I think you've had it. All the students at media college (I've spoken to a fair few) are on the football bandwagon now...they love the EPL, they love the Socceroos and maybe the A-League if there is a sniff of a job...and there are an increasing number of football jobs since the A-League/Socceroos gig kicked in.

Prior to this...I suspect you've had it mate..did it even exist!!
So they've gone to the trouble of reporting that the keenly awaited riot didn't occur? They must be soooo disappointed.

Mind you, I heard that a Syd Utd fan accidentally bumped into a Bonnyrigg fan outside the ground, but details are a bit sketchy at this stage. Police are still searching for witnesses.
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