Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Who's Afraid? - brief update #15

Given the rapidity with which the mainstream media seizes on any untoward incidents in Australian football, it's always instructive (not to mention amusing) to observe the reaction when the boot is on the other foot...as in the case of the alleged assault by rugby league's golden boy Brett Stewart.

Two recent cases in point. This laughable whitewash appeared in the SMH yesterday, in response to the incident; can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, such a pussyfooting, "society's to blame" piece appearing in print in this country with regard to an alleged "soccer riot"?

On a lighter note, it gave me a malicious sense of satisfaction to hear Rebecca Wilson - who was responsible for a truly despicable football refuser article some months ago - squirming when she received a talkback call on radio yesterday, unfavourably comparing the NRL culture of drinking and predatory behaviour towards women to the "cleaner" image of European football (not entirely fairly, I must admit). Groping for a way out, Wilson quickly agreed with her interlocutor about the problems in the NRL, going on to pick her own preferred counter-example - the high-pressure world of, erm, rowing.

As radio comedy goes, it was a moment worthy of the Goon Show.

wish I heard that one.
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