Sunday, March 22, 2009


TFT v. TFF - brief update

Peter Fitzsimons could be seen fishing for another bite in Saturday's Fitz Files. With reference to Liverpool's 4-1 demolition of the English champions at Old Trafford last week, he threw out the following bait:

Liverpool. Recorded their biggest win at Old Trafford since 1936 and put new life into the title race. (He wrote, not at all sure what he was talking about. I think Old Trafford must be where Manchester Someone plays...)

For anyone considering writing in: don't. Roll eyes, laugh, and look at the scoreboard, as it were, given the numerous PR disasters that have beset the 2009 NRL season already.

He throws these out on a constant basis as he know he is going to get a pile of responses. I've learnt to ignore. The fact that he acknowledges the game exists should be enough for all of us.

Contrary to your post, Mikey, Fitzsimons is a former Rugby Union international. The NRL, both in conduct of it's players and the fact that it has been under seige from professional rugby teams overseas (especially since League was originally started under the banner of professionalism and poached its players from Union because they paid them), has been a source of mirth for Fitzsimons.

Other than just simply not liking the game (because as a forward he would have been used to sniffing other forwards arses in a scrum - something you don't get in football), I don't really know why he has to thrown out these anti-football jibes. Maybe he feels more intelligent. For a journo who all too often expresses the fact that he believes he is a cultured person, simply due to the fact that he played rugby in France (and not because he visited The Lourve or the D'Orsay), he exhibits a very narrow mind.

He just doesn't 'get' football.

That's fine. Even in more enlightened cultures, not everyone does.
...Contrary to your post, Mikey, Fitzsimons is a former Rugby Union international....

I know that mate. But even though he doesn't mind having a larf at the NRL's expense, he doesn't make an act of not even considering it a "real" sport, as with football.

Shouldn't be quite so hard on Fitz I guess, given that his brother and nephew (both of whom I've had a bit to do with) are both terrific people.
Fitzy is great value. I love watching people get all hot bothered because a guy in the paper said something mean in a joking manner.

If ever there was a case of htfu to be had, this is it.
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