Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tragic Hibernation

I've never been very good at farewells, but...

TFT will be shutting up shop for the foreseeable future due to changing work and family commitments. Just in time for the Socceroos' mad month of qualifiers (my sense of timing has never been good).

Thanks to all who have taken an interest in TFT, and especially to those that have left their comments. Gratitude is also due to those who have kept me richly supplied with source material - they know who they are. The Oz football blogging community seems to be humming along nicely by now, and there's a healthy level of debate alongside the straight reportage. I may disagree with the various purveyors of opinion on the World Game site fairly often, but they certainly make an important contribution to the continued discussion of the game in Australia. And for in-depth tactical analysis of all the important games played here, Tony Tannous's blog remains an invaluable resource.

Good luck to Pim and the boys in June...and here's to a splendid Version 4 of the A-League.

Boo to Mikey. Hope u can come back one day and keep the blog up. I was always a good read!!!
I enjoyed your writings on this blog very much and will miss it. Hope you can find time in the future to continue posting.
All the best Mike. Have enjoyed you blog.
all the best mate have loved reading your opinions.Hope your able to get back to it sometime in the future.
Well this is can only be described as Tragic!

Hope to see you back one day Mike, your blog was a regular read for me and one of the few that inspired me to start my own.
The forum that is blogging has allowed previously unknown and unheard individuals to voice their opinions to the public.

And few voices have been heard has loud as that of Mike.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution.
Say it aint so Mikey!

You're one of the few people I usually agree with amongst the pack of retards that seems to be football fans in this country. I'll miss this blog terribly. Best of luck with your future endeavours.

living overseas, i have enjoyed reading your take on what is happening in oz footy wise.


Mikey - you've ruined my day!

Sad that it has come to an end (temporarily I hope).

All the best mate,
I've always enjoyed your insights.
Like any good hibernation, I hope it lasts only the winter, and doesn't apply to the pews at the Campsie or Belmore.
Sorry to read you're shutting up shop for a bit. Yours was always one of the first football websites I'd check out every day.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinions and hope you're back soon.

Good luck with your commitments.

Mike, knew the day was coming when we'd lose a valuable member of the Oz football blog community and it's sad that day has arrived...

When I started my caper over two years ago, not even knowing what a blog was, it was basically to hone the writing and provide and outlet from my myriad of ramblings on the game...

Unknown to me was that there was already a footballer blogger out there - James Brown of Confessions - and soon you were on deck, followed by the likes of Hamish, John, Wayne and Jesse…

Now, as you say, the blog community is varied and vibrant, mainstream even, and it’s provided a real outlet for us obsessed tragics to debate, delve and ponder…

That community will certainly be the poorer for the absence of your well-informed-and-researched take on the local and international football political scene, delvings into the past and your views and reviews…

Jesse Fink spoke about keeping the bastards honest in a recent post of his and you've certainly been able to do that better than most, esp. on political matters.

I’m sure you’ll have a few more stories to share over the years, either here or in person, so look fwd to catching up soon…

Congrats again and best wishes in the new work environment, you certainly deserve it...
This is a huge shame Mike, but thanks for the blog all the same and hopefully you'll be back sometime in the future!
High quality blogging can be hard yakka.

While you may not have the time etc. to maintain your own blog, I hope you will comment on others time to time.
I am giving you the red card!!
All the best Mikey. Come back soon will ya?
most enjoyable blog around,
will miss logging on and finding a new piece


Sorry to hear I will no longer be able to procrastinate at work by reading your posts. For a Sydney FC supporter you're not half bad.

Good luck with everything and your presence in the football blogging world be sorely missed.

This is a complaint!

I will miss your writing greatly Mike.

Best of luck with whatever comes next.

By the way, you did win the Blogger's Cup, the whiskey is sitting on my desk waiting for me to write a wrap up, and I'll assume your postal address is the same unless you say differently. Congratulations!
Thanks for the good wishes all.

Alex: Will definitely still be around at the Campsie, Belmore, Jensen etc. Look forward to catching up soon. Un gran beso para Lourdes - the big day can't be far off now...?

Tony: Look forward to catching up soon too. Drop us a text next time you're going down to the Gabbie or a game at the SFS.

Gweeds: Will deffo keep up the comments. Still always enjoy your musings.

Hamish: Whisky sounds great, postal address is indeed the same, and free booze is always appreciated!!
Mike, I'll miss your writing and insight. I've enjoyed it immensely since I started reading it last year. Here's hoping this hibernation isn't permanent.
Bloody hell michael. Hasn't one of those idiot media outlets given you a large stipend yet?

Sorry I've not been to games lately, but life can be complicated. :p
Mikey that is truly tragic. You will be missed.

Good luck in your new ventures.

But who should Pim play in attack...Mikey hellppp!
I don't check here for a couple of days, and this happens!

Always an enjoyable read Mikey, hopefully one day you have the time to come back to it.

Good luck for the future!
Please dont leave us. I need you for my daily/weekly wind-down. Please reconsider! Thanks for the insight.
Please dont leave, i need you for my daily/weekly wind-down. Please reconsider! Thanks for all the insight.
Thanks for the inspiration Mike.
So you have seen the light and become a Craig Foster acolyte . Hope you enjoy the conversion and find fulfillment as a Melbourne Victory fan!
Saddened to hear it Mike, and I don't begrudge you of this enforced decision.

It's been an enjoyable two years, and an extraordinarily productive period from yourself. I'm almost tempted to start a blog for the sole purpose of rebutting the increasingly fettered opinions from your friends at SBS, but they're becoming irrelevant anyway. ;o)

At least the blog community is increasing all the time, and most of them offer something unique.
It's a shame you are closing down this blog as it is, and has been, a fine read. I hope you will find the time to pop back soon, even it does mean burning the midnight oil like I do (see as an example of this!)

On another note, where did you get this template from? I quite like it.


Big loss :(. I hope you can find time for a return in the future.
Sorry to see you pack up, Mikey. Always enjoyed your stuff. Hope to see you back on the web sooner rather than later.
Best of luck with it all Mikey.

You are an asset to the Aussie Football community.

Your use of the word 'hibernation' says to me that you will not be gone forever.

Lets hope it is sooner rather than later.

love you long time.
So Jesse Fink finally won.
Sad to see you go, Mikey.

Seems your blogs were pretty much universally enjoyed by the Australian football fraternity, myself very much included.

Oh well. You're sitll by far the most esteemed analyst of the game to grace the halls of NSB at least.
Thought you were rubbish.
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