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Marquee Matters

So John Aloisi has indeed headed south for the winter.

A useful addition to Sydney FC's roster? Definitely. Worth $1.4 million? Probably not; but given Sydney FC's dismal recent record in transfer dealings (of which the Carney sale to Sheffield United represented the low point), it's not surprising that they have paid over the odds.

What, then, of Juninho? The rumour is that he will be heading to the Mariners, who will no doubt be able to pay him a substantial salary, given the loosening of the wage bill with the departures of Aloisi and Tony Vidmar. Whether Juninho will be a good fit for Lawrie McKinna's side is another matter (and his injury-prone first season would render his acquisition something of a gamble in any case).

From Sydney's point of view, the main issue will be how to fit Aloisi, fellow signing Mark Bridge and Alex Brosque into the same eleven. I doubt that John Kosmina will want to use a triple spearhead, given his generally conservative tactical set-ups, but none of the three is particularly effective in any other than a striking role; Brosque has never quite convinced on the left wing or in a deeper role, while Mark Bridge, despite his propensity to drift around the forward line, looks every inch a striker by nature: keen to run at goal whenever possible, and much more adept at scoring goals than making them.

Sydney FC's post-season transfer splurge is reminiscent, in fact, of Miron Bleiberg's bizarre strategy with Queensland prior to the 2006/07 season: in the wake of Alex Brosque's departure (and that of Jonti Richter), he signed three new strikers and no wide players. And, if you recall, Queensland still couldn't buy a goal for much of the season.

And here is the key point: Sydney's squad is still unbalanced, with no fullbacks to speak of (other than young Nick Tsattalios) and little in the way of good wide options further upfield, with Adam Biddle still quite inconsistent and Robbie Middleby now unable to beat his man all that often.

I can only hope that Kosmina will be able to invest in a little width for 2008/09.

Aloisi is obviously a great signing for you lot but I still can't understand why if you were happy to be that much for him now, you weren't happy to pay roughly that amount if not less last season.

A front 3 doesn't seem viable with Bridge in the side, and one would think then that he and Aloisi will be the strike partnership. Casey could perhaps play a wide right role as the third striker but I doubt that'd be Kossie's style.

Does that mean given the lack of wide players signed Brosque has been earmarked as a left winger?

I think the loss of Juninho is going to be a lot of pressure on an aging Steve Corica, and although Colosimo has a creative string to his bow he plays his best football deep IMO.

I think you guys will be thereabouts with the sheer talent you've got already, but I think an injury or loss of form to a couple of players could seriously undermine your season. With that said you could probably say that about every team (I'm still reeling from the news Carlos Hernandez is going to be out for 6 weeks)
...I think the loss of Juninho is going to be a lot of pressure on an aging Steve Corica, and although Colosimo has a creative string to his bow he plays his best football deep IMO....

Agreed. Corica has been, in all honesty, my favourite SFC player ever since the club started, but he won't last forever. With Juninho gone and (presumably) no new playmaker to take up the slack, he might be asked to do a bit too much next season. Colosimo is a deep controller for mine (like Talay but faster and physically tougher), and I don't quite know why we're pursuing Musialik, fine player though he is, when we've already got Colosimo.

...I'm still reeling from the news Carlos Hernandez is going to be out for 6 weeks...

Yeah, that is a real drag for you guys. Hope you can still make a decent impression in the ACL without him.
Not that Kossie would neccessarily listen to my scouting tips, but Shannon Cole would seem to be a decent cheapie for wide positions.

I seem to remember you mentioning him previously, Mike, and he's been in great form for Olympic recently. He scored two crackers from deadballs on the weekend (and an assist to boot) is a livewire when he gets the ball in space, good technical skills and decent in defence. Has been playing right fullback, but is just as suited to winger.

You read it here first (maybe second after Mike).
Great minds think alike Alex...on another forum a couple of days ago I suggested that Cole should be on the top of Kossie's shopping list.

Didn't see the Olympic game on Saturday but I heard about Cole's FK goals. It was coming, too...his free kicks in the JWC and even Olympic's opening game against the Berries were damn good. Seems to be adapting to the fullback role pretty well too.

If he carries on in this sort of form, I think he'll definitely be in the A-League next season.
Alosoi is over-rated. No pace, no skill no creativity.

Colosmio is THE signing for sydney.
He is a good creative midfielder as opposed to Corica who is busy but cannot beat a player nor put one into a 'gap'.

It is possible to play all three upfront with Alosoi in the centre and the other two on the flanks.

I think Juninho would be good for the Mariners given his creativity IF he is fit.
As opposed to wishing Kossie was bringing width, I think we should accept he perhaps won't.

At present, I envisage a modified 4-4-2 (as Kossie intimated) like so:


New RB----Fyfe---Popovic
---------------------------New LWB

With Brosque fluctuating between wide and cutting in (admittedly a concern for me, as he is not a winger by nature), and two new fullbacks.
This would aleviate the stress on Corica in theory, though could be hard to pull off.
The upside of course, is that if it does, the four-pronged attack as seen above is more than handy at this level, whilst the centre of the side is still very sturdy (albeit still lacking pace - a problem never yet addressed by SFC really).
It's the old legs that worry me about that putative side Jaz:


New RB----Fyfe---Popovic
---------------------------New LWB

Even Colosimo could be considered an "old" 29, given his constant injury problems. And I can so easily see Corica getting asked to do too much next season...
Juninho cant play under Kosmina and his tactics, seriously i mean against htose MLS sides, Juninho wouldve just stood there and watched the balls fly over his head....

Oh and dont bother suggesting technical players, because thats not the A-league criteria, remmeber physical as possible and fast before technical
Never seen this Shannon Cole guy play, so cannot make any definitive comments on his quality. However, anyone who can score from two free kicks in one game must have some talent.

Just a question, is he right/left footed? Not that it matters much, as SFC lack quality in wide areas on both sides, so you'd think he'd be a respectable addition given Kossie's inclusion of ordinary players like Renaud and Walsh. But maybe Cole is too good? ;o)
tfo, from what I've heard (from mikey?) Cole is two-footed to the extent that he hits set pieces off both feet.
...tfo, from what I've heard (from mikey?) Cole is two-footed to the extent that he hits set pieces off both feet....

Interesting. And something we lack in this country.
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