Monday, March 31, 2008


Cheek to Cheek

What can you say about a goal like this?

OK, the nutmeg was pure luck, as was the less-than-ideal positioning of the goalkeeper. But for a player to even consider such a stunning party trick requires an enviable degree of confidence and cheek...the sort of confidence that comes with a superb, remarkably prolific season, such as Cristiano Ronaldo has had.

Not that Ronaldo's contribution to the game ended there; he provided a classic, perfect winger's cross for Carlos Tevez's goal, and then twice played provider for Wayne Rooney with a couple of beautiful, nonchalant final passes.

If there's a better player in world football at the moment, I'd be interested to see him in action.

It will be fascinating to see whether a weakened Roma can deal with him in the upcoming Champions League quarter-final tie. Last year, of course, United's conquerors AC Milan dealt with the Portuguese winger most efficiently, Massimo Oddo holding him up cleverly to allow Gennaro Gattuso to apply one of his trademark crunching tackles.

Roma's fullbacks, Cicinho and Max Tonetto, don't mind getting forward, but they will surely be mindful of the difficulties experienced by Christian Panucci in the 7-1 drubbing the Rome club experienced at Manchester United's hands last season.

And if Ronaldo was in bullish mood then, his confidence levels will be at their peak for the Champions League clash.

The best barometer of Ronaldo's current mood is surely the expression on his face at the end of the above-linked clip...a mischievous grin spreading from ear to ear, or, perhaps more appropriately, from cheek to cheek.

Analysis has never been my strong point but that was a very sexy goal.
...Analysis has never been my strong point but that was a very sexy goal....

Sounds like pretty accurate analysis to me... :-)
Like the commentator said, everything is coming off for him in the league but it is in the business end of the CL where the men are sorted from the boys.

So far in his career Ronaldo performed well (not great) against Roma in the two ties last year but has done nothing else.

Took a player like the porko to get a goal out of that corner because Giggs' delivery left a little to be desired.

:D :D :D
The thing that impresses me is cr's ability to consistently score goals despite being both man-marked and the focus of opposition defence patterns.

He has an unique ability to score by head, left & right foot, from distance and from free kicks.

Moreover, he creates for his team mates by passing, and he also crosses expertly and is able to beat people one on one regularly.

His consistency and quality of finishing is Ron Jeremy like, and to think that he is young enough to have not seen Australia II win the America's Cup makes it all the more remarkable.

The vitality and vigour of his recent performances is a critical reminder that youth must be both nurtured and given the opportunity to play at an early age.

Where is our next Harry Kewell, and Ernie Merrick, what in god's name have you done to Kaz Patafta?

I reckon we're witnessing a future great of the game.

He is a bit of a cvnt that Ronaldo, but no matter who you support....I think it's best to lay back and watch a phenomenon at work.
Also find it funny when people have a go at him being a choker or whatever.

I would loved to see these people's comments if the internet had existed when Maradona was playing. The same would be said - "ohhh he lost two world cup finals"....what a choker. Or a Roberto Baggio missing a penalty in the World Cup final....I guess he was a choker as well.

Ronaldo is a great.
Maradona lost *one* WC final and almost singlehandedly won everything to be won in the game with mediocre teams.

C Ronaldo has won one major trophy with a big spending club in his career so far and has yet to really light an international tournament up.

He's still to produce a performance like Kaka did in the CL final of 05 or for that matter the influence he had on last years tournament as a whole.
He's still a fucking good footballer thou.

Thought you might enjoy this short trip down recent memory lane mikey.
...He's still a fucking good footballer thou.

Thought you might enjoy this short trip down recent memory lane mikey.

Yeah, I remember that one. Very nice. John Carew's a bloody talented player but he blows very hot and cold...I remember him in that Oz v. Norway friendly from a few years back, he was completely useless.

BTW Hilly, any idea why the Olympic v. Bankstown game tomorrow has been postponed?

To everyone: apologies for the lack of posts this week, it's been a frantically busy time both at work and at home.
The only thing I can think of has is that the kiddies have been talking smack to each other on that interweb thingy.

I think there was a punch up at the game at Belmore last year but I can't confirm that. And other then the stuff that happened in Olympic's first season back in state league I can't think of any reason to postpone the game.

And they do tend to be good games.

SNSW just being incompetant again.
I don't see why Kaka is mentioned with Ronaldo.

Kaka played like dogs bollocks in the Serie A and played about 5 good games last year and the anti - Premier bias won him the two individual awards. Great effort taking his team to victory in the Champions League, but other than that he was nowhere to be seen.

Same goes for this season where he has done nothing and just about the most disappointing player of the season. Yes, bigger than Shevchenko.

Kaka is good. That's it.
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