Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Who's Afraid? - brief update #12

Just in case anyone was in any doubt about the general attitude towards football at News Limited, following the useful hints provided by Josh Massoud and Tom Zed, a certain Herald Sun scribe named Trevor Grant has clarified things. Thanks to Guido of Rank and Vile for the heads up.

Mr. Grant's pointless, condescending rubbish does not deserve a response (let alone a proper analysis); I would suggest instead that football fans simply remember the banner under which such tripe went to print, and adjust their consumer choices accordingly.

On a more serious note, though, it's a pity that Pim Verbeek's over-analyzed comments seem to have set the Australian football community at war with itself. In reality, there's nothing either particularly new or particularly controversial about preferring European-based players, even at short notice, to locals...although Verbeek could perhaps have been a little more diplomatic.

Terry Venables acted similarly in the run-up to "that night" in Melbourne; he had led a locally-based squad to victory in a four-nation tournament early in the year, but come the crucial games against Iran, Alex Tobin and Craig Foster were the only first-team survivors.

And, with all respect to the A-League, I can't think of a contemporary Mori or Ivanovic who's been unwisely ignored this time.

yea criticism is criticism.. as strange as that may sound

Despite what pim said we are always going to have people coming out and critisizing the game, he didnt even have to use pim's comments to get the point (as stupid as it may be) from his article....

What im dissapointed with is that this guy works for the television station that hosts now all our football... seriously i question the intention of alot of the staff at their station and their attitude towards football...

its times like this i miss watching the Socceroos on SBS... :(
Mori never proved himself at international level and Ivanovic.

I remember out at the stadium, he lost the ball to diaego and they scored!

i`d like your your thoughts on how all this fits together ... like my fellow anon said, this guy works for the same megacorp that also televises all our football games, and the english game too.

i can`t really imagine that a place like news ltd has `loose cannons` ... i think these attack dogs are either allowed or encouraged to talk about a game they don`t know, don`t respect and fear.

the thing i can`T figure is why? news ltd has the football rights -

its like they are attacking themselves ...

...the thing i can`T figure is why? news ltd has the football rights -

its like they are attacking themselves...

Actually, AFAIK, News Ltd. only owns about 25% of Foxtel (can anyone confirm?), so it's not quite a case of shooting themselves in the foot.

I don't think these guys are loose cannons at all. There has been a continuous stream of op-ed pieces with no real purpose other than to take a swipe at the game emanating from News Ltd. for quite some time.

For a good analysis of the general culture at News Ltd., I can recommend the relevant sections in Margaret Simons' The Content Makers. Quite an eye-opener.
Those interested in the ownership of Foxtel:

Telstra 50%
News Corporation 25%
Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (PBL)25%

It would be good though for people at News Limited to assign people to write about things they know about.
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