Saturday, November 17, 2007


Plan B

So Dick Advocaat isn't coming.

The whole saga was badly handled by the FFA from start to finish, with, apparently, no other options being seriously pursued, and a predictable bidding war with Zenit St. Petersburg being entered into quite unnecessarily.

Where to turn to now, then?

Jesse Fink, now blogging for SBS, has suggested the former Tottenham manager Martin Jol. Not a bad option, certainly, but his lack of experience outside Europe (or at international level) is a concern.

An interesting possibility arises with the sacking of the legendary Bora Milutinovic by Jamaica, but Milutinovic's results in his various recent gigs have not been impressive, and he has acquired something of a reputation for intransigence.

The best option at this stage, in my opinion, is the man that was considered the chief alternative to Advocaat around the time of the Asian Cup: Pim Verbeek.

He ticks most of the boxes: he has worked in Asia (very recently, too), he is still unattached, he would not be prohibitively expensive, he speaks English, he is interested in the job (he made this quite clear in the aftermath of the Asian Cup), and he fits what appears to be the FFA's main qualification: Dutch nationality.

His South Korea side at the Asian Cup may have been a tad prosaic, especially by comparison to some of the entertainers from the Gulf, but they were tactically sound, physically well-prepared, and always competitive. That they gained third place without three key players was, in all fairness, a solid achievement.

The FFA have made a mistake in their single-minded pursuit of Advocaat, but there's no reason to compound the error by embarking on another sad love affair with an indifferent European aristocoach.


correct me if im wrong

But wasnt the contract negotiated with a clause saying if Zenit qualify for the ECL he will stay with Zenit or something along those lines???

Wasnt this to be expected then?
Frank Farina.

There, I said it.
...But wasnt the contract negotiated with a clause saying if Zenit qualify for the ECL he will stay with Zenit or something along those lines???...

Not sure. The whole thing was pretty unclear, I mean the FFA hadn't officially unveiled him yet anyway. But the journos (Cockerill, Davutovic, Lewis etc.) seemed to have a pretty clear understanding that the deal was done, CL for Zenit or no CL.

Those who are suggesting that Buckley is out of his depth in haggling for a NT manager may well have a point.

...Frank Farina.

There, I said it....

Rale Rasic anyone? ;-)
Martin Jol was the man I picked as the best replacement for McLaren. He understands English football, plays a good style of football and did wonders with Spurs (not counting the start to this season). He really seemed to get the best out of players who looked utterly hopeless for McLaren (Jenas, Defoe, Lennon, Carrick). As for Australia my deeply cynical nature leeds me to believe that an overpriced has-been will be appointed who will turn up only to pick up his pay and blame the bad results on the heat. Also I wouldn't bet against Gary Megson.
Jol would be a good choice for your guys. When you consider objectively how well Tottenham did under his stewardship, he's obviously a good manager and a classy guy to boot.
Jol's a no nonsense coach which is another plus in our eyes but unless he we hear he's in negotiations with the FFA, there's probably not a lot of point discussing it.

The FFA wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't at least sound out these big names but I hope with go with a slightly cheaper option with recent Asian experience - Verbeek would suit just fine.
Advocaat did what he di to the UAE.

FIFA should bot allow to coach anywhere.

I just want a decent coach.

Yes the Olyroos were lucky but perhaps they deserved it.
some highly promising palyers who could do with a person who can actually coach
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