Monday, October 15, 2007


The Gosford Curse - update

Some time ago I wrote about a curious hex affecting the Central Coast Mariners. Although fans of the Gosford club may have thought the curse had been lifted, it made an unwelcome appearance again last night.

To set the scene: Matthew Osman has been ruled out for the season, just as he was running into some form (a typical occurrence for the Mariners). Nik Mrdja’s long struggle with injury has gotten the better of him again. Damian Mori is no longer there to partner Saso Petrovski up front in Mrdja’s absence (of course, it is in the striking department that the effects of the curse have been felt most keenly).

Although John Hutchinson has done surprisingly well in a striking role in the past, Lawrie McKinna decided to push Damian Brown into the front third for the home game against the Roar.

Sure enough, Brown’s hamstring goes within six minutes of the kick-off.

Not to worry. There’s still Adam Kwasnik; he’s done plenty of forward duty for the Mariners over the last couple of years, hasn’t he?

He sure has. Guess who’s off with a calf strain only a few minutes later.

It must be witchcraft, folks. There is no other explanation.

In all seriousness, the Mariners made a tremendous fight of it last night after the ridiculous dismissal of Brad Porter, with John Hutchinson impeccable in midfield and Mile Jedinak and Andrew Clark marvellously defiant in defence. Jedinak may, in fact, have found his true position.

And what an irony for Queensland: in easily their worst performance of the season, they topple the competition leaders on their own turf. The two young stars of last week’s win, Michael Zullo and Robbie Kruse, this time showed their inexperience throughout; far too static on the wings, they steadfastly refused to tuck inside or drop back into midfield to receive, instead hoping to exploit lofted balls into the channels, of lay-offs from Reinaldo. As it happened, Reinaldo was dominated throughout by Jedinak, and the diagonal nine-irons seldom found their mark.

Queensland will need to do much better against a confident Newcastle side next week.

Whilst overjoyed with Queensland's win, I have to agree with you Mike. We're gonna have to do much better than that.
they are young and therefore inexperienced but aren't they exciting to watch!!!
Well Mike they did better.

There is a rumour that Moore can take penalties - coming out of Croatia.
...Well Mike they did better....

They did indeed, but they still sat back and invited Newcastle onto them for most of the first half. Lucky for them that Griffiths went AWOL and they had nothing down the right, otherwise the momentum might have turned completely.

...There is a rumour that Moore can take penalties - coming out of Croatia....


Should have had another one in the first half of course, with that trip on Zullo. Laybutt is still slow as an ox...he needs to lose some pounds quick smart.
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