Friday, October 12, 2007


Dida He Really Do That? - brief update

So Dida has indeed received a ban for his histrionics in Glasgow. Only for two matches, but it’s better than nothing. At least UEFA have acknowledged that his behaviour was worthy of proper punishment.

Not that AC Milan appear to be taking it on the chin:

"It's a suspension that is absolutely excessive," Milan lawyer Leandro Cantamessa was quoted as saying by the ANSA news agency. "It seems to us a very, very unbalanced sentence. It turns Dida into the protagonist of the incident, whereas the protagonist was someone else, and that's not right from a logical point of view."

I wonder if Signor Cantamessa takes a similar “protagonist” attitude towards the nipple-twirling of Marco Materazzi prior to his assault at the hands (or rather the head) of Zinedine Zidane in last year’s World Cup final. Then again, Materazzi is an Inter man, so perhaps I shouldn’t ask.

In some other UEFA news, Michel Platini has given those who consider him a Blatter stooge plenty of ammunition with a very Blatteresque denunciation of the use of video assistance for referees:

"Video referees would destroy football...refereeing would be over would have to stop the game every 10 is a human game and the mistakes are human...we must not lose the human feeling of our sport..."

This is exactly the sort of emotive garbage that usually emanates from Zurich on this issue.

Instead, we have a proposal for two extra referees, apparently merely to decide on goal-line incidents. And we thought communist countries were into overmanning!

Briefly, I really think AC Milan are blind from a few perspectives in this.

1. They are giving themselves a bad reputation for SUPPORTING Dida in his actions and this only makes Milan look to be supporting diving.

2. Dida has been in the worst form of any pro keeper in the world, although Paul Robinson is giving him a run for his money now, and Milan should relish a two match ban for him. Although I'm sure when they see Kalac on the bench they may as well appeal.
Yeah, I hear that well after the final whistle Dida walked to the team coach still with ice pack semi-strapped to his face = he was fully encouraged by the Milan people to continue with the charade. No wonder a lot of Septics & Straiyans don't buy into the sport.

Tokyo Pom
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