Sunday, September 30, 2007


He Who Hesitates - another update

Alex Brosque, how thou art changed.

The struggling tactical chameleon of last year has been Sydney FC's best player so far this season, and last night he produced a truly magnificent performance for the 2005/06 champions.

Although he found himself in a lone striker role once more, this time he gave a model demonstration of how to play effectively with back to goal despite not being physically imposing. He worked tremendously hard, brought others into play, drew fouls, and, of course, scored a fine winning goal.

Juninho deserves great credit for his delightful through-ball, but Brosque's finish was even more impressive. To outpace a ring-rusty Steve Laybutt was perhaps no great achievement, but the touch that took him around Jade North was surely the sign of a player in form. Bringing the ball onto his better foot while leaving himself ample time for a shot around the onrushing Ante Covic was not at all easy, but Brosque made it look so.

Branko Culina perhaps faces a dilemma of sorts now, but a pleasant one; Brosque is still probably better utilised in a role where he can run at defenders rather than hold them off, but he has been so effective at the point of the attack recently that the oft-suggested Patrick-Brosque combination might actually end up robbing the midfield of an important cog. Sydney's midfield interplay in the second half last night was very impressive, and Culina would be loath to tinker with what looked like a good combination (even if the wide areas were perhaps not used sufficiently at times).

Yep once again though, Juninho was getting rough treatment by the ref.

Im glad he gave them a bit of verbal at times, there was some challenges in the first half that i couldnt believe wernt being called..

And throughout the game he was just getting barged into.. but the refs wern't calling the fouls, have to wonder sometimes at the point of even having these marquee players in when they are just going to get kicked to pieces and not have anything done about it..

Anyway, thought we played well but didn't create a whole amount of chances. Jets were marking really tightly though..
It was nice to see some movement in the final third and I thought Brosque did have a great game although he lost points when he decided to fake his own death. If Casey continues at right back I’m going to have to invest in some heart paddles. I thought Zadkovich had a good game, centre mid (I think) seemed to suit him.
I was redirected from which is a rather amusing a-league site which I recommend to you all.
Never forget Walter Bugno.
Very few people become great by being timid and quiet.Hmm.. some of these advice tips seem strangely familiar.. Wonder where they came from.
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