Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Who's Afraid - brief update #6

A feelgood piece in the SMH on Fox's ratings for the Australia v. Oman game has drawn a plangent, fussy response from a rugby league administrator.

Ben Cubby's article was unquestionably partisan (he has contributed in the past to the SMH's football blog), but the mere fact that a league mandarin felt moved to pen such a pained reply suggests that the other football codes are feeling the pinch a little.

Incidentally, Mr. Brady's utterly irrelevant comparison between the pay TV ratings for Australia's Asian Cup opener and the free-to-air ratings for club rugby league begs a painfully obvious question.

Back to Ben Cubby's piece for a moment. His quote from John O'Sullivan perfectly encapsulates the off-field benefits that will accrue from our move into Asia, however many logistical and financial difficulties we may face initially:

Our research since 2004 is that it's meaningful fixtures that drive people's interest - that coupled with the fact that they had the World Cup team on the park.

From two genuinely meaningful games in four years for the national team (plus the World Cup, should we qualify) to a couple of dozen, thanks to the vision and enterprise of the new administration.

Heres the article about the Socceroos ratings from the Herald Sun, if you havn't seen it. You can just smeel the fear.,21985,22045495-2883,00.html
Yeah, I saw that article earlier today, but I didn't want to include it in this post just in case it was a pisstake (it certainly reads like one!).
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