Saturday, May 26, 2007



Peter Fitzsimons is a cheeky fellow. With regard to all things football-related, he has his amused condescension act (abandoned briefly while World Cup fever was at its height last year) down to a fine art. Witness this morning's little asides in the always crass Fitz Files:

Italy now have the victorious team in something called the Champions League, beating, I think, Liverpool, or maybe it was Manchester United.

Okay, Pete. We get the implication. Two seconds' research is beneath you when it's European football. Then Chelsea makes an appearance in his "Team of the Week" segment:

...won what I am told was an extremely boring FA Cup Final, even by soccer standards...

Don't write in to him, folks. He'll enjoy it.

In any case, football is making gradual PR progress in a broader sense. Symptomatic of this, I feel, was the sport section of the 2BL morning news on Wednesday; John Logan's cultured voice devoted more time to Sydney FC's upcoming ACL showdown than to that evening's State of Origin fixture (so it seemed, at any rate). Most unusual for the ABC.

Slowly but surely.

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