Saturday, April 14, 2007


Suspended Blessings

One could say that Sydney FC’s 2-1 loss to Persik Kediri was made even more painful by the suspensions meted out to David Carney and Ruben Zadkovich for the return leg.

Of course, it’s never advantageous to be deprived of personnel. But the absence of the fair-haired duo could present places in the starting eleven to two youngsters who have looked lively in Sydney’s warm-up games.

Carney has been employed on the right side of midfield by Branko Culina, as he was by Sydney’s previous two managers. Although his status as one of the “players most likely to make something happen” has ensured a continued run in the first team, his infuriating inability to use his right foot adequately has detracted from his overall effectiveness. And this handicap is particularly significant when he is employed on the right.

Adam Casey, a young recruit from the defunct New Zealand Knights, has made an appearance on the right wing for Culina’s side in two of the warm-up games, against Sutherland and Marconi respectively. In both matches, he showed pace, good close control and a pleasing willingness to run at the defence; in the Marconi game, he also scored a stunning solo goal after being cleverly put through by Sydney’s new American signing, Michael Enfield.

Best of all, Casey is a natural right-footer. If he starts at Parramatta Stadium on Anzac Day, with Alex Brosque on the other side of the front three, Sydney’s attack might, for once, have the balance it has lacked for so long.

Ruben Zadkovich has been shown up at right-back quite painfully in recent times (not least in the fateful semi-final second leg in Newcastle), and Iain Fyfe will probably occupy the position in the return match against Persik Kediri. Fyfe’s switch to the opposite flank might induce Culina to give young Nick Tsattalios a run on the left side of defence.

The 17-year-old has shown considerable promise in the trial games (especially the hit-out against Blacktown), although his defensive positioning is not all that it might be, and he does have a tendency to run into cul-de-sacs. But he seems to have sufficient “engine” to play a byline-to-byline role on the left, which would allow Alex Brosque to drift into the more central positions from which he often poses danger.

At any rate, Sydney’s next state league hit-out, against Bankstown at Jensen Park next Wednesday, could well make Culina’s intentions for the crucial game at Parramatta Stadium a little clearer.

rumoured to exist but never proven:

1) the Loch Ness Monster

2) UFOs

3) Yeti/Yowie/Sasquatch

4) Carney's right foot.
Nick Carle has proved you don't need a right foot to be A-League player of the year.
Nick Carle plays in the middle of the park.

David Carney has been constantly deployed by three coaches on the right flank, despite his right foot doing nothing besides balance his body.

This has resulted in a predictability that is so pathetic that everyone forced to endure should at least be given the contents of the police drug lock up to ensure some entertainment.

It's to the detriment of the team and Carney himself that this keeps happening.
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