Monday, April 09, 2007


The Butcher Bitchfest - brief update

More hand-wringing by Sydney FC's erstwhile manager in an article by a sympathetic (some might say sycophantic) Scottish journalist. No place like one's adopted home, eh, Terry?

This particular bit did give me a laugh, though:

"One sportswriter, and I use the term loosely, said I'd turned Sydney FC into Motherwell."

"Armchair propagandist" was the term you were looking for, Mr. Butcher.

Hi Mike

This seems to go on and on. Here is what David Carney had to say:
'"Under (previous coach) Terry Butcher, it was a circus. He was a great guy but he was here for more of a holiday. We just aim to win games and under Branko we're more professional. We never practised shape at training under Terry, but that's changed.'

Hi John,

As I mentioned to someone on the TWG forum a while back, I think I've now pretty much pieced together "the Butcher story" from having talked to various interested parties (one in particular who was right at the centre of it, and had no particular axe to grind either way).

It was an object lesson in bad management at boardroom level, among other things.

He was never the right man for us, although not for the reasons that blinkered dills like Foster have banged on about.
Would love to hear the story one day Mike
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