Sunday, March 11, 2007


Who's Afraid? - brief update #5

I always reach the point of believing that the football refusers just can't get any sillier. But they have.

Now just to get this straight: the above piece of pernicious drivel is not a blog, or a letter to the editor. That is a paid columnist denigrating an entire sport, in an absolutely infantile manner.

Would any Adelaide readers care to ask the Sunday Mail why excrement like that makes it past the sub-editor's desk?

I reiterate my usual point: this sort of thing would not be tolerated at editorial level if directed against any other major sport.

About half the columns I read belong in the funnies section, I certainly get a bigger laugh out of them than from any of the comics. That was truly hilarious and made me laugh out loud several times. Fozzie's latest did too ;)
Wow, what a tosser.

Australian Rules must really be in trouble.
I think we have to separate some idiot coming up with drivel like this guy or Mike Shehan and the coverage the Herald-Sun gave after the Sydney game and Channel 9 with the Sean Southby affair.

An article written by someone like him is a minor irritant but ultimately irrelevant. So someone does not like football because he prefers Aussie Rules, good - but who cares. He may as well say that he does not like avocadoes or a TV program. It does not really matter.

What matters is any media outlet placing our game at a disadvantage by ignoring it, or concentrating on negatives etc. re-enforcing the stereotypes in the general coverage of the game. As the Herald Sun and Channel 9 did.
I agree it's basically irrelevant, but what angers me is not that people like him have such opinions - there will always be those who dislike the game - but that editors and sub-editors allow pointlessly vicious stuff like this to be published.
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