Friday, February 16, 2007


On the Raedar

Nice to see the A-League grand final getting a comprehensive preview on a major media website, thanks to the affable, knowledgeable Derek Rae.

I had the good fortune to meet Rae in Stuttgart in June, following the Australia v. Croatia game. As well as being a fine commentator (surely one of the best English-language callers in the world at the moment) and a thoughtful pundit, he has a keen interest in, and considerable knowledge of, Australian football.

Mike, love the header....

Yes, I didnt see PressPass this avo, will look out for a replay tonight, but did see the last edition and heard Tommy Smyth with 'Y' and his Auld Onion Bag will be in Melbourne for the big one.

It's all a further endorsement of the good work going on down under. Well done everyone involved in Australian football.

Love seeing that pic of Muscat and Kossie on Soccernet.
Small point to add; we wouldn't be getting this coverage if we didn't adopt a finals series format.

The clubs wouldn't be getting such a big financial boost and the end of season would have already been a foregone conclusion (save for an FA cup style tourney should it exist)

I'm convinced that not only is the finals system here to stay - but that it really is a good thing.
I think it's a good thing mainly because (a) Australians are used to it, (b) in a league like this, starting from scratch, there have to be a few bells and whistles beyond the usual league format, and (c) there isn't enough to play for in the final weeks of the regular season otherwise (it ain't England where you can come seventh or whatever, and still get into some bullshit Euro comp).
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