Thursday, February 01, 2007


Notice re: Comments

My apologies to regular anonymous commenters who actually have something thoughtful and relevant to add (Subby, TFO, and the rest), but I've reluctantly decided to disable anonymous comments on the blog. Sadly, TFT has been inundated with spam of late.

No worries Mikey, I've just been too lazy to create an account, but now I had too.

It made me create a blog, too, which I have no intention of using. Short of ideas at the time, I though 'footballandporn' had potential, and could perhaps one day fill a demographic void.

For people like me, that is. ;-)
No problemo Mike.

Like Subby, it's about time I got off my arse, although my blog will be the blog about nothing in the Seinfeld tradition.

I called it 'Technical Phoodball', which is another slap in the face for SBS.
No worries Mike. Needing to create a blog surprised me also, called it aufc reds, yeah boring i know was the easiest thing I could come up with..
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