Thursday, December 14, 2006


Who's Afraid - yet another brief update

Just when you thought the media had turned the corner, following the stupendous turnout for the Melbourne v. Sydney clash last week, comes another piece of cynical manipulation from the anti-football elements in the Melbourne media. Guido at Rank and Vile has chronicled the story...well worth a read.

No real surprise.

They didn't report that 99.95% of the crowd were wonderfully behaved and that 3 arrests is less than would be found at almost every AFl and / or cricket match played in Australia every week.

They don't like us or our sport, have no understanding or interest in supporting it , and frankly comments like those of the general manager should be an embarrassment to not only himself, but his radio station aswell.

I won't leave my name...simply because I don't wish to be threatened or harassed at work!
I'm hearing a conspicuous silence about Sydney's salary cap breaches, Mikey...;-)
What can someone whose never listened to 3AW (except via country relay) do to register disgust?

Plenty would be very keen to see this actually reported on to get a few people to pull their head in.

I suppose conversely it won't hurt if 3AW bully-boys stop being covert in their football bashing, would anyone notice a difference?

I sincerely hope that this doesn't cost the MV forum poster his job.
Graham Mott called that poster at his work again today. He told him that the photo he forwarded has caused a lot of grief, and that Sowerby and the station has recieved a number of abusive emails. Therefore he will be forwarding the details on to the police for them to follow up.

The poster told him that i did not wish to speak with him and any further any correspondance should be in writing. He then said 'you are an absolute jerk michael' and hung up.

Anyone could get that picture in seconds by Googling the name 'Sowerby' and the email was available from the 3AW webiste.

If anything is Mr. Mott who is harassing the poster. Anyway while abusive emails are not to be condoned, surely is part and parcel of a journalist's life? Especially at a station like 3AW which deals with opinion all the time.
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