Friday, December 22, 2006


A Tragic Christmas

Well, it’s the time of giving, they say. So let’s offer those gathered under the footballing holly what they really want…or need.

For Frank Rijkaard: a striker.

For Ronaldinho: a headband that does not require constant adjustment.

For Arsene Wenger: Dennis Bergkamp changing his mind about retirement.

For Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez: a one-way ticket, erm, anywhere.

For Sepp Blatter: a photo opportunity involving Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, a starving African child, and a trophy (doesn’t really matter which one).

For Jack Warner: a brief pamphlet entitled Conflicts of Interest: A Beginner’s Guide. A copy will also be sent to Frank Lowy.

For Danny Jordaan: a stadium or two.

For Craig Foster: a ticket to an actual, live, game of football.

For Ron Smith: a left-back.

For Terry Butcher: a full-back capable of completing a successful pass.

For Frank Farina: a striker who actually scores occasionally.

For Matt Carroll: a dartboard with “New Zealand Knights” emblazoned across it.

For Sean Sowerby: an old-fashioned “Press” hat, to be permanently attached.

For Graham Arnold: the removal of the word “caretaker” from English dictionaries everywhere.

Merry Christmas to all from TFT.

Some more:

Steven Gerrard: Frank Lampard to suffer a career-ending injury.

Aaron Lennon: Steven Gerrard to move to central midfield in the English NT.

English NT Euro 2008 hopes: Both of the above.

Lawrie McKinna: An empty injury list.

Andrew Packer: A desperate shortage of right sided Queensland Roar players.
And More:

For Sheva: A bit of luck

For Ernie Merrick: A Grand Final win in front of 60,000+ at Telstra Dome

For Cristiano Ronaldo: Flippers and a snorkel.

For Jose Mourinho: Another league title.

Merry Christmas to all on The Football Tragic.
Merry Christmas mikey, I'm not one to dish out a pointless platitude but its been a treat to have your blog to read this year.

Here's hoping there's more grist to the mill next year, with a high point of praise around the 29th July.
Milan: A striker who can find the net. And to think Drogba was being touted as a makeweight in the Sheva deal.

Steve McClaren: A clue.

Lyon: A way past the CL QFs. A striker of note would be a nice start.

Also, what CMU said.
...Merry Christmas mikey, I'm not one to dish out a pointless platitude but its been a treat to have your blog to read this year....

Cheers CMU!
SG Ericsson - A painful death by tertiary syphilis.

Martin Jol - Either Sean Wright-Phillips or Joe Cole.

Paul Robinson - Weight Watcher subscription and long-range radar device.

Arsenal FC - A stadium with atmosphere.

Gary Von Egmond - An A-League GF win.

Milan - A draw with Wigan or Portsmouth in the Inter-Toto Cup.

Chelsea - A selection of official receivers.
Chad Gibson: A coach that lets him play
Chad Gibson - a brain that doesn't explode.
Chad Gibson - a mouth that isn't constantly pursed...

Sorry - it irritates me and I couldn't resist!
Chad Gibson: People who believe in him. Come on guys, give him a chance!!
And I have pictures of him smiling Scary!!
Merry Christmas Michael.

Why should that ring a distant bell?
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