Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Portrait of the Tragic as a Young Man

A completely frivolous and uncontroversial post, for once.

In the midst of family Christmas festivites this afternoon, my parents produced a couple of surprises, unearthed as a result of some recent spring cleaning. First:

Your own Football Tragic circa 1978, inculcating a lifelong passion.

But my own favourite:

Homebush Boys' High 4th XI, 1959.

Father of the Football Tragic is extreme right, front row. Outside-left (left-winger, for those born after the war) was his position, he informs me proudly. But then...he's almost entirely right-footed, like me.

It seems the coach was the philosophical forerunner of Pierre Littbarski and Terry Butcher, as far as the deployment of wingers is concerned...

Mate, if you could control a ball with a pair of sandals on, imagine what you could do with a pair of boots!

- Subby
I deplore the placement of right footers on the left!

love and kisses

President of the Left Footer Association.

W. Hill esq.
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