Thursday, December 28, 2006


AFC Champions League - brief update

More confusion on the squad requirement issue, thanks to David Lewis.

This morning, he writes:

Sydney has just over $100,000 at its disposal within next season's $1.7million salary cap, and it must recruit five more players to meet squad specifications for the coming Asian Champions League.

17 + 5 = 22, and a marquee player presumably makes 23.

But is this enough? Let me remind Mr. Lewis that this competition ostensibly requires thirty players to be registered initially.

Again: has there been a dispensation from the AFC in this matter, due to the relative youth of the A-League? If so, has this been officially announced?

'Tis all still a muddle.

The problem is that many Asian teams have significant corporate sponsorship. Some appear to operate as the showpiece for major multinationals. The gate-take is less relevant (irrelevant?). Until this is type of largess is widespread through the A-League, that is say the BHP Roar or Holden Victory playing Perth Ford, supported by exposure to a huge TV audience, our salary cap will be tight. Or the A-League will become increasingly one-sided. Something, as we look to bring in more small cities, the FFA will seek to avoid. So for the foreseeable future, small squads backed by people going through the gate is our lot. Not so bad. Enough to build future players for Europe who will return to our national squad for the World Cup (like happens in Brazil).

I am not too worried by the quality of Asian teams. It is the quality and thinking of the prospective refs we need to turn our attention to.
the 100,000 for 5 players thing is funny. We've got some good money coming off contract in April.

God knows where lewis is getting info from thou. There's been nothing, other then some vague 23 player thing from us and the apparently concrete 30 players from the AFC.
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