Saturday, November 04, 2006


No-Show - brief update

Mike Gibbons over at Planet World Cup has chosen to devote his latest column to Sepp Blatter's recent comments on the Australia v. Italy game at the World Cup. Although I've pointed out recently that Blatter's words have been largely misinterpreted, Gibbons certainly has a point when he asserts that Blatter, as it were, tends to suit his opinions to the location.

Having said that, I should add that Blatter is no worse than most politicians in this regard - and certainly no worse than a certain Pelé.

"Blatter is no worse than most politicians"

Wow. You must really HATE politicians Mikey! :)
well this guy certainly has credibility ... he thinks the grosso penalty was right.

im guessing he also thinks barcelona dont dive.
Now, now, quote me in full:

"Blatter is no worse than most politicians in this regard."

I do think Blatter was misinterpreted... but I also think he also should have left well enough alone. I'm tired of hearing about the dreaded penalty and wish Australians would let it go now.

As an aside....

Les Murray flew to Switzerland to interview Blatter. Yet everyone keeps saying he was in Australia. I read it on the linked article at Planet World Cup and it's been in most other articles too. Journalists don't check facts. They can't get even the simplest things right.

Sorry, it drives me mad.
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