Sunday, October 22, 2006


The Caceres Factor

Most of the plaudits for Melbourne Victory’s come-from-behind win over Sydney FC last night have gone to Archie Thompson for his two fine goals, but there is another player who deserves considerable credit. And, for whatever reason, he doesn’t ever seem to receive much.

Adrian Caceres was centrally involved in both the goals, playing a clever through-ball to Fred in the lead-up to the first, and crossing superbly to Thompson for the second.

Looking back through my notes on Sydney FC games last season, I noticed one thing particularly about our encounters with Perth. Adrian Caceres often entered the game late on, and immediately caused Sydney problems.

Sadly, he was mainly used as a bit-part player by the unimaginative Steve McMahon last year, and, as a result, he was perhaps unable to exercise the influence he might have had.

After the superficially dazzling early-season performances of Alessandro this term, Ernie Merrick must have been tempted to make the Brazilian his regular choice on the left wing. But even in the opening game, it was quite clear that Alessandro had little interest in helping out in a defensive capacity.

What was also evident was that, like many “entertaining” wingers, he did have a tendency to want to beat the same man several times.

In addition to this, his play was somewhat two-dimensional; in some games, whenever he received the ball, he seemed to be looking to hit the by-line. In the second half of Melbourne’s first game against Sydney, his limitations were quite clearly shown up by Iain Fyfe (who is hardly a full-back of conspicuous quality).

Caceres has shown himself to be, on the whole, more versatile. He does occasionally head for the by-line, but he can drift infield in support of the engine-room, and does help out in defence at times.

What was particularly impressive last night was that he adapted himself well to a right-wing role; he had, it seemed, been moved over to that side to inhibit Alvin Ceccoli’s upfield forays.

Archie’s finishing was certainly one important element of Melbourne’s success at Aussie Stadium last night. But don’t underestimate the Caceres factor.

Cracking goal against the Glory too (who else...). Has certainly stepped up a notch this season. Our wingbacks are definitely one of the keys to our success this season, motoring up and down the pitch, helping out in defence and offence, and allowing us to play three central midfielders and dominate the centre of the park.
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We certainly love Caceres here in Melbourne :)

You seem to be a bit too critical of Alessandro though.
in the matches ge played he played well. He can defend, according to Merrick he was taken off in the match against Perth becuase he was too defensive!

Importantly Caceres showed on Saturday he can also play on the right. The big question is can Caceres and Alessandro play in the same team? and if they can is Merrick brve enough to use such an attacking combination?
Yes, I was impressed with Caceras as well.

Along with Caceras, I think Vargas has been a great find for Melbourne as well.
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