Saturday, September 02, 2006


Who's Afraid? - brief update

Hot on the heels of Ray Chesterton’s ridiculous piece on the crowds at the Australia v. Kuwait game, we have another laughable anti-football ramble, this time from a Fairfax hack.

Economic and even evolutionary arguments for Australia’s supposed aversion to football, no less!

Mr. Duffy’s pathetic drivel is beneath contempt, but the continuing issue is why there is such a thing in the Australian media as the anti-football opinion piece. Anyone submitting an in-depth analysis of the long-standing culture of offhand violence in rugby league to his sub-editor would probably be sacked for his troubles.

It seems that the various media outlets take it for granted that you can drone on in a general way about any sport (including football), but only against football. Taking offence to the code as a whole, rather than specific practitioners thereof, is quite acceptable.

In the PR stakes, sadly, football has a long way to go yet.

The funny thing about this is that they parrot the same old arguments in their authoritative styles, but if Australians really don't like football, then why do we have to be constantly reminded of this supposed fact?!

You don't have to be Freud to know what motivates these attacks, and once again it proves that the FFA are performing well in the main. It truly is a compliment.

I'm looking forward to Cockerill's next finance report...

I stopped reading when he said Sydney might host the 2010 finals. Obviously he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about so why would his opinion matter in the slightest, besides to other ignorami like him?
Well his opinion doesn't matter a jot. Unless you look at the broader shaping of public opinion.

It probably doesn't need to be said again - but as long as drivel is being written, aside from sycophants in the community who would automatically agree - there will always be those too stupid, disinterested or busy to see it for what it is and make up their own mind.

That's where the battle for hearts and minds is being waged. There is a consensus of acceptance that AFL and RL have their place all over the sports pages, all over prime time TV and primary place in yer office round table discussion. In reality there is no reason why football can't aspire to be there too. Except for those whose job it is to make sure that it doesn't.
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