Saturday, September 23, 2006


Law 12 and How to Misinterpret It - brief update

And now, an example of when a decision to dismiss a goalkeeper for handling is correct.

In last night's Championship (to use its farcical name) game between Preston and Barnsley, the latter's keeper Nick Colgan was sent off for palming the ball away from Preston's Ghanaian striker Patrick Agyemang, outside his area.

Let it be noted though: Colgan was sent off not because he was a keeper handling outside his area, but because he was an ordinary player (as a keeper is considered to be, beyond the 18-yard box) handling the ball deliberately and thereby preventing an obvious goalscoring opportunity. That's the important bit.

Mike, I've always been a bit dubious about the "deliberate handball" when a keeper handles outside the box. A keeper is always deliberately using his hands and on occassion with travel outside his box in defending. When the keeper comes out, near the edge, plays at a ball and is just outside the box when doing so this is often (almost always) a deliberate play at the ball with the hands but it was not deliberate to be outside the box. Deliberate hand ball or not ?

Gilbert's view is that the ref should determine the intent of the keeper (not an easy thing to do) in deciding whether the keeper has committed a deliberate hand ball or not.

Most people will just say he used his hands deliberately and therefore it was a deliberate hand ball. I would liken it to leaving the field without the ref's permission, a yellow card offence, yet ref's allow players to run off to celebrate goals. The ref doesn't bring out the card to all the players hugging behind the goal line or over at the coaches bench celebrating. As with this the keepers "deliberate" actions are not always deliberate, or they are but not intended to be deliberate where they occurred.
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