Friday, August 11, 2006


A Glorious Blur

Perth Glory have taken steps to resolve their problems up front by signing Sydney United’s Grand Final hero Luka Glavas. Glavas’s performance on the day won him plenty of acclaim, and it’s not surprising that one of the many A-League clubs currently short of options in the striking department has snapped him up.

“It’s all a bit of a blur, so much has happened over the last several weeks,” commented the lanky frontman, who was little more than a name even to state league aficionados until recently.

I doubt he will be an instant hit; it may take him some time to adjust to the higher standard of the A-League, where defenders will not mark him as loosely as they did for much of the NSW state league finals series. But he has a lot going for him: two good feet (although he favours his right), impressive pace and the ability to create chances out of relatively little. His frail build may work against him to some extent, but not irreparably so.

One wonders whether he will fit snugly into Perth’s style of play, however. The WA club currently possesses two influential wingers in Leo Bertos and (when he finally gets a start) Stan Lazaridis, and one would expect that the majority of the service for the strikers will be coming from out wide.

Glavas, even with his height, is not at his best in the air; from what I saw of him, he thrives more on intelligent through-balls from central midfield, which allow him to use his pace and shooting ability to good effect.

Neither is he the typical “second striker”, working just off a front-man, making quick dashes through the channels or lurking around for the cut-backs.

Perth’s lack of a true creator in midfield was glaringly apparent on Sunday night. David Micevski and Mark Robinson were simply not up to the task, and although Josip Magdic again showed considerable enthusiasm and a few good touches when he came on, I doubt he will set the league alight in the way that Nick Ward did last year. Given the likely want of supply from central midfield, Glavas might find things hard going at first.

But he has the confidence of youth, and the spur of his recent performances. I’m sure he will provide Perth fans will some good memories this season.

And put it this way, at least he’ll be better than Brian Deane. That much is surely beyond dispute.

mimi saric has also been signed from adelaide raiders...played for adelaide united mk 1

having known mimi for a number years, wishing him the best of luck and hope he can fulfill his potential at the glory
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