Thursday, August 10, 2006


Cliché Central - brief update

I must have jinxed SBS with yesterday's article. In the course of the Champions' League wrap on Toyota World Sports tonight, "on the stroke of half-time" got two airings.

What I want to know is, what actually happens when half-time gets stroked? And do we get to watch?

And if one of the coaches makes an influential substitution at the interval, does it then become the masterstroke of half-time?

Great posts on clichés in football commentary. Many of them are cross-code unfortunately. Another one that always gets my goat is the "must-win" game. These mysterious games only seem to pop up at the end of the season. And the games in the early part of the season are what?
Yeah, that's another one. In football it tends to be "a six-pointer" now as well, ever since the change to three points for a win!
I agree with everything. So so so overused...
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