Monday, July 03, 2006


Launch of The Football Tragic

Is there really a need for another opinion blog on Australian football?

Of course not. But what the heck.

My name is Mike Salter, and I fit the dictionary definition of a football tragic embarrassingly well. I will happily chat for hours about a game played ten years ago. I trawl the internet for news of transfers, injuries, football-related court cases and the like with the enthusiasm of a train-spotter. I incessantly bore friends, relatives and my long-suffering wife with blinkered opinions about a game they care little about. And I live in Australia, which makes the said condition not just embarrassing but often frustratingly lonely.

So, herewith Opinions on the game here and abroad, A-League, Socceroos, European leagues and more.

To check out some of my previous ravings on the game, I commend you to the website, at which my match reports for the 2005/6 Sydney FC season are on show, and Shane Davis's excellent, to which I occasionally contribute.

Welcome to the tragedy.

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